Tuesday, June 16, 2015

10 Tips For Cooking With Kids

You Should Choose Kids Cookbooks 

That Have Themes And Are Fun And Funny For Kids

Cooking with kids is great for bonding and is very educational for the kids. Here are 10 Tips For Cooking With Kids to make cooking fun and memorable, not stressful. 

Keep In Safe and Make it Fun!

  1. Safety First - Keep it safe. Make sure all the utensils kids are using are safe and not sharp and teach kids to keep away from hot surfaces.
  2. Cleanliness - Make sure that everyone washes their hands before and after cooking or preparing foods.
  3. Simplicity - Keep your projects simple so that kids can complete it on their own or with minimum help from you. Don't end up doing the cooking yourself! This will kill self esteem rather than promote self esteem which is one of the objectives we would really like to achieve when cooking with kids.
  4. Patience - Be prepared for some mess. You can teach kids to work as neatly as they can by providing them with large sized bowls, and proper attire but do be prepared for mess and don't yell when floor gets all over the floor and kids start to pour water from container to container when washing vegetables. There is going to be some of that when cooking with kids.
  5. Humor - Along with patience, you will need lots of humor when cooking with kids. Make funny shape cookies, make funny faces with your vegetables. This will encourage creativity too!
  6. Involvement - You can go through the recipes or children's cookbooks together and decide what to cook then go shopping for the ingredients. All these are part of the fun of planning and bonding.
  7. Encourage - Provide lots of encouragement along the way but try to refrain from taking over!
  8. Inspire - Look at cookbooks together, choose recipes, watch cooking programs and check out kids cooking websites and magazines on cooking together.
  9. Clean up - Teach kids to clean up as this is part of the cooking process. Be prepared to clean up all the time throughout the cooking process too. Wipe up slippery floors etc to keep things safe.
  10. Success - Remember to aim for success and praise kids for their effort even if the cookies don't look like cookies...
    Remember to provide them with the proper Kids Cooking Utensils. Not only will this make things more fun they are safer too. 

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