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Motivation For Stay At Home Moms

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Stay At Home Does Not Mean Rot At Home

An Article Just For Stay At Home Moms

I am a Stay At Home Mom for almost 15 years now. Stay At Home Mom is the preferred term to housewife these days. I totally agree with that. After all, I am not a wife to my house. However, I did choose to Stay At Home from the time my child was born so I am a Stay At Home Mom rather than a housewife.
I am a Stay At Home Mom but does that mean that I am rotting at home? Certainly not! Thank goodness for technology and the internet, I have realized my dream instead. I have always wanted to write. I am a taciturn person but give me a pen or a keyboard and all the words locked up inside me flow out easily. My writing journey began because of my children. I had difficulty breastfeeding my kids so I started a Geocities page on breastfeeding. Geocities by Yahoo is no longer around so I have moved some of my original breastfeeding stories to my blog instead.
One thing led to another. From a static webpage, I moved on to blogging on one blog, then another and another. Now I have 5 blogs. That meant that I had to be actively involved in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest to maintain my blogs! That is such a lot of work. I do not have time to rot! I have also recently started writing articles on Hubpages. Hubpages is a popular free platform for creating single webpages of your interests and recommendations.
Before I knew it, I have been writing online for over 10 years! Sometimes I receive emails from other mothers who are afraid to make the switch from being a working mother to being a stay at home one. "Aren't you afraid to sacrifice so much?" they ask me. I tell them that it is not a 'sacrifice' to stay at home and look after your kids if that is what you want. Do it only if it is what YOU want. "Don't you feel bored staying at home all day everyday?" is another question I often receive. I hardly have time to be bored. When the kids were little they required a lot of my attention and I was happy to spend that precious time with them. Now that they are at school for half a day, I hardly have enough time to do all the things that I want to do!
There are plenty of things a SAHM can do.You can bake or sew, make crafts or take photographs. I chose to write instead. Recently, I realized my dream of becoming a writer by self publishing my books online. I also have an online shop on CafePress. It is called Stuff For Moms. I sell T-shirts, mugs, and other personalized iPhone or iPad covers etc, personalized with my own designs that is. I design mostly items with funny quotes for mothers on them. My books and stuff on Cafepress are POD (Print On Demand). That means I do not have to come up with any capital. The books or items will be printed and shipped to the customer whenever they order and I do not have to handle any of those details. It is surprisingly easy to publish a book or set up shop online. You can do it on your own without any help.
So does Stay At Home mean Rot At Home? No, certainly not for me. In fact, I wake up each day eager to write another article or design another new item. I hope that by writing this article, other moms won't fear the Stay At Home Mom or Housewife title so much. It can be the start of your dreams. It was the start of mine.

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