Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mothers Taking Care Of Themselves

Quote For Mothers

Mothers, do you take care of yourselves? I do. I take care of myself by spending time on me and my own personal development.

First there was me.... before I became a mother.

I started blogging on my Parenting blog called Parenting Times, 11 years ago in 2004 because I had breastfeeding problems and I wanted to reach out to other mothers who were in the same position as me, other SAHMs. Eventually, that Parenting Blog became a blog for my children to record the funny moments with them, the time we spent doing crafts together etc. As they grew, the blog evolved to include educational items and sites for children because I was using them for my children.
Then I wanted a voice for the Mother in me. So I started my blog for mothers and called it Mothering Times. It was the same as my Parenting Blog. At first it was to share stories about pregnancy, childbirth and bringing up babies, it moved on to toilet training, teething, sleep, looking after babies, then toddler hoods, preschoolers and now grade school children.
But there was nothing for me, personally. I had to have a voice for myself. That was how my Personal Blog was born.
I believe that whether you are a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom), a WAHM (Work at Home Mom), a FTWM (Full Time Working Mom), you need to remember to take care of yourself first before you can take care of your family. You must remember to take care of yourself physically and mentally. My personal blog is my place to take care of me mentally. I find writing extremely therapeutic. So I spend several hours each day focusing on me.
How do you take care of yourself?
If you are a SAHM

Guides for SAHMs

Are you a Stay At Home Mom? More importantly, are you a happy SAHM? I believe we all have choices. Whether you are a working mom, a housewife or more popular known these days as a Stay At Home Mom. We have a choice to choose happiness. If you are a SAHM who is lost, perhaps you might like to get back on the track with some of these books for SAHMs.

Guides for the Working Mom

Stress Loads are high for the working mom. Even when both partners work and the man of the house actually helps around the house, there is no denying the fact that at the end of the day, the 'nurturing' part of parenting still falls heavily on the mother.
With work, family balance to juggle and relationships between family, co-workers and bosses to manage, it is sure to drive any woman insane.
You are not alone, some of these books are aimed at working moms who want to stay sane. Check them out.

Guides for the Work at Home Mom

The Work at Home Mom... do you have the best of both worlds or do you have to manage the load of both worlds? It is up to you.
Here are some guides to show you how to work from home and reap the benefits of the stay at home mom as well as the working mom.

My Other Blogs

A blog for mothers to explore their personal side. I am a nerd. I like to write about my home here and all my other how tos or tutorials for fixing things around the house. After marriage and kids, you are still you. Don't ever neglect your personal development and self.
A cyber filing cabinet of Parenting Articles and Tips. It even has exciting crafts to do with kids and useful links for kids. These days I fill it with educational posts.
A blog created by a mother for mothers. Mothers, come and share your joy, sweat, tears, frustration about being a mother..... and wife too. That's what this blog is about. It is for mothers young and old who have kids young and old.
A quote a day keeps the blues away. Come here to get your fill on quotes, sayings to inspire, motivate and bring out the positive in you.
I believe that we are what we eat. I hope you will join me in my quest towards healthy living. This blog was created to record my journey and search for a healthier lifestyle.
I like to take pictures. I also do a lot of my own illustration, drawings, diagrams, photography, slideshows and more for my writing. This blog features some of my own photos for free use by online writers everywhere.

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