Tuesday, April 14, 2015

One-Stop Shopping To Save Time For Mothers

A new supermarket just opened near my house. Although it does bring convenience nearer to my home, I've noticed that the new supermarket does not have many shoppers. Maybe the things are a bit pricier but more than that, I think people like to save time by doing several things at one time.

You can do that if you go to a large mall where you can shop, meet up with friends, do a little bit of banking, buy stamps at the post office etc. You can buy toys and books for your kids, jewelry, clothing and accessories for yourself, ogle and household items you would like for your home or buy the latest gadget for your man. I think that's it. People like everything to be under one roof.

It is the same with online shopping. With more and more shopping sites opening up, more time will be wasted going to each and every site. I think it would be a good thing indeed to have a one stop shopping destination so you can shop for everything at just one place instead of several. I've just discovered that there is such a thing for Asian shoppers. It is called iprice. 

I love the concept. Better still, I love the time it is going to save me when doing online shopping. 

Malaysia, Singapore and other regional countries get to enjoy this new one-stop center too.

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