Monday, April 20, 2015

8 Time Saving Tips For Meal Preparation

Many mothers spend a lot of time preparing meals for their loved ones. Even if you don't cook, the responsibility of making sure meals are on the table for everyone is largely on you, the mother of the household. 

Here are 8 Tips To Help You Save Time When Preparing Meals.
  1. Cook In Batches. Cook more and freeze leftovers for example stews, fried/baked pastas, pies, sauces etc and serve or use them as another meal.
  2. Change Your Cooking Method. Stay away from deep-frying. Steam, stir fry or bake your food. This will cut down your time in cleaning up the stove/kitchen after cooking. It is healthier too.
  3. Work Smart! Wrap your oven or oven toaster tray in aluminium foil and you never have to scrub off stains in an oven tray again. Just change the foil. This was something my father taught me. It has saved me so much time.
  4. Outsource Or Get Help. Outsource your cooking. If you do not have time to cook yourself, look around for food caterers or other mothers who wouldn't mind cooking extra for you for a small fee. If you have good friends, relatives or neighbours staying nearby, take turns to cook the main meal in big batches and share them so you only need to cook 2 or 3 times a week when it is your turn.
  5. Embrace Technology. Use modern gadgets to help you. Dishwashers, Airfryers etc are helpful in reducing time. However, there is a catch. Make use that those appliances are easy to clean. Some kitchen appliances help reduce your cooking time but they take time to disassemble and clean up.
  6. Prepare Your Food For Cooking Beforehand. Prepare the food that you want to cook on one or two days of a week. Then store them in the refrigerator in storage containers and take a portion out to cook whenever you need them.
  7. Cook Easy Meals. Cook one dish meals whenever you are in a rush. One dish meals are very simple to cook and they can be healthy and nutritious too. You can use the crock pot for your one dish meals. Just put everything in the pot and leave it to simmer till meal time.
  8. Plan Ahead. Plan your meals for the entire week and shop for the ingredients once a week. This will save you time thinking of what to cook. You can also cook the same thing for certain days of the week for example pasta on Monday, pies on Tuesday etc. With a fixed meal plan, all you need is go to the same supermarket aisle every time you shop. It really saves on grocery shopping time because all you need to do is buy the same stuff every time.

Tip! Kitchen Timers Not Only Help You In Food Preparation. You Can Use Them To Keep Time For Your 10 Minute Spot Cleaning Efforts

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