Tuesday, April 21, 2015

8 Tips To Save You Time Doing Housework

Getting Rid Of Clutter And Being More Organized Helps You Save Time

Have You Ever Felt Overwhelmed By Having Too Much To Do And With Too Little Time To Do It All?

1. Don't Do It All By Yourself - Train your children to help around the house. This is one of the best things you can do, for them and for you. Children can help with talking out the trash, hanging out clothes to dry and folding them, sweeping, wiping, picking up toys, cleaning their own rooms. Find age appropriate chores for them. Most kids love to help around the house especially when they are young. So don't waste this window of opportunity to teach them from young. It will be harder for you to try to get them to help around the house or to clean their own rooms if you do not instill this habit of helping around the house from young.

2. Minimize Ironing - Buy crinkle free clothes to reduce ironing time. If you have enough space, don't fold your clothes, hang them. So, they can go straight from the dryer to the hanger to your closet. This will save you a lot of time in ironing and folding.

3. Fold and sort your clothes once a week. - I wash my family's clothing everyday. After they are dry, I put them in a basket then when I have the time, I take out my basket and slowly sort and fold the clothes while watching my favorite Korean Romantic Comedy online. Even if this does not save that much time, it surely makes the chore much more bearable.

4. Use Containers. - Use small baskets and containers to organize everything especially small things like keys, stationery, loose change, socks etc. If you have a place for everything and everything in it's place, you will never have to look for that missing key again and your house will look much more organized and clutter free.


Baskets And Containers Help You Keep Things Organized and Easy To Find. They Look Great Too

5. Get Rid Of Clutter - Once in a while you should go through your clothes, books, magazines and other stuff. Give away clothes you have outgrown, donate books and toys that you have not touched in the past 6 months. With less clutter, you will need to spend less time picking up and clearing desktops and shelf space.

6. Clean On The Move - Whenever, I go from one room to another, I will pick up something and put it away somewhere else. For example, I pick up some dirty socks and put them straight into the washing machine. On the way to the washing machine, I see an empty cup and I take it and leave it in the sink for loading into the washer later. On the way back from the kitchen, I take some hangers from the living hall and take them with me to the bedroom and so on and so forth.

7. Clean A Little Each Day - I usually clean a little each day in bouts of 10 minutes or so. I do a lot of writing online, so when I need a little break away from the computer, I may do spot cleaning of a desk for 10 minutes before going back to writing. I clean the bathroom sink each night before I wash my teeth by giving it a quick rub. I clean the bathroom stall before I have my shower. This really saves me time from having to clean a really dirty bathroom because cleaning daily in quick bouts keeps my house clean. Cleaning becomes mere maintenance rather than deep cleaning if you leave it too long in between cleans.

8. Label Everything - Do you know that you take a lot of time each day looking for stuff? If you label everything, you will spend less time looking for lost items. Teach your children to label what is theirs too. It will be a lifelong organization skill they will thank you for.

Teaching Your Kids To Help Around The House Helps Them And You In The Long Run

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