Thursday, June 27, 2013

Do Facial Expressions Matter?

Facial Expressions
My husband tried to teach me tennis many years ago and he kept on giving me a fed up and frustrated look. I felt very much affected by the look and could not play at all. He insists that facial expressions do not matter. He says I must remain objective and not let it affect me. To this day, he says that facial expressions do not matter. I beg to differ.

I think facial expressions matter a lot. Sometimes, they speak volumes. Sometimes, they say much more than words can say. 

With this believe, now as a mom, I believe that I must control my facial expressions when talking with the kids. My girl is always coming to me and asking me "Are you angry with me, mom? Are you happy with me mom? Not angry?"

My children say that I am angry all the time and I frown all the time. What a bad example I am showing to them. Today's mantra is "I must control my facial expressions. I must control my facial expressions."

Oh and regarding my tennis classes? Eventually, my husband paid for a tennis coach to teach me but I still can't play for the life of me. I can only run around picking up the tennis balls. :P

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

That Dreaded Call From School

Getting a call from your child's school is a rather unpleasant thing. Why do they only call for something negative?

Anyway, recently I had a call from my children's school. The teacher spoke to me in Mandarin and I almost hung up on her. Oops.

Finally I understood her.

"Are you the mother of ....." She asks. "He fell down during gym and injured his leg. Now he cannot walk. Can you come and take him home now to see the doctor? I am sorry."

Of course I went into a panic mode. I forgot to ask her for any details and said. "Yes, of course I will come now." In my mind's eye, I saw a little boy with a sprained ankle and a cast. My heart went "beep bop beep bop"

When I got to the school, I saw a little boy sitting in the sick bay ... with a grazed knee.

It was just a grazed knee and he didn't need the doctor. Thank goodness. Still, I was glad the teacher called. It shows that the system is in place and the teacher knows what to do and how to reach me in case of an emergency.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013

Father's Day 2013 is on Sunday June 16, 2013. That is one day after my birthday. Usually it falls around my birthday so we get to have a double celebration of sorts even though our "celebration" means business as usual.

Happy Father's Day 2013 to all Fathers.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Children Helping Out With Chores At Home

Cartoon Girl With Toys
Now that the kids are older, I can get them to help with household chores. It is too bad they have so much homework from school. Otherwise, I will get them to do more because at this age (9 and 11) they still love to help.

Helping at home starts from the time they are very young. They can help by picking up their own toys. Now that they are older they help with folding clothes, hanging clothes, washing fruits and vegetables, cleaning up their own tables (they each have their own small hand held broom and pan to sweep off eraser droppings and pencil shavings from the table), throwing the litter and many other small chores around the house.

Sometimes I give them the mop and say "Here you can mop anywhere you want?" Then they would stare at me incredulously and say "Anywhere?" surprised that I would trust them with such a big task. "Yes, anywhere." then I go and do something else and leave them to it. If it is the first time they are doing something, I will give them instructions or show them how to do it and then I would leave them to do it.

I find this a much better way then hanging around telling them what to do and how to do it the right way and how they are doing it wrong etc. When you get children to help at home, you have to do just that. Trust them. They may not do it the way you want it done so walking away is the best. They build confidence when you are not there hovering around telling them how to do it the right way.

It was not always this way. Now, I have learned to close one eye. Previously, I would get so upset about how much more mess was being created sometimes when they are helping. For example, when I am sick and the dad and boy decides to make the juices, the whole kitchen floor would be wet afterwards but now I've learned not to look at the wet floor and just enjoy my juice. In this way, it helps them and it helps me too and soon I find that it really helps to have them helping me. More chores gets done when I walk away and do something else.

Learning to close one eye also makes sure I don't redo their work which defeats the purpose of having them help in the first place. Finally, at long last, I have learned the art of having children helping out with chores at home.

I will teach them more chores as they grow up. Helpful children are not born. They are taught.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Father's Day Gift Baskets 2013

Father and Child Cartoon For Father's Day
Father's Day Gift Baskets make great last minute Father's Day gifts. They're great for any father, near or far. So if you haven't started shopping yet for a gift for your father, whether for your own father or for the father of your kids, here are some Father's Day Gift Baskets 2013 gift ideas for you.

This year 2013, Father's Day falls on Sunday, June 16, 2013. That's one day after my birthday, so we will have a double celebration. :)

Here are some of my favorite picks for this year's (2013) Father's Day Gift Baskets.

1. Father's Day Gift Basket For The Golfer Dad

Father's Day Gift Basket For The Golfer Dad

The Golfer dad will surely enjoy this Hitting The Range - Father's Day Gift Basket. It includes golf tees, practice balls topped up with delicious gourmet snacks.

If your father likes to play golf, this one will surely hit him at the right spot. :)

2. Father's Day Gift Basket For The Dart Player Dad

I like this one because I like the dart board that comes with the gift pack! I remember dad bought us a dart board (not the other way around) when we were younger and we  used to have loads of fun playing darts with dad. He taught me how to throw my first bulls eye.

Father's Day Gift Basket 2013

This Dart Board Set -Gourmet Dart Players Gift -Great Father's Day Gift Idea comes with cheeses, crackers and a two in one dart board set with 6 darts for many Father and children bonding evenings. As a mother, I can't help but like this idea!

3. Father's Day Gift Basket For The Dad Who Loves A Good Grill Or Barbeque

Father's Day Gift Appreciation Baskets 2013

For the dad who is a barbeque lover, this grill gift basket for dads is perfect with all the right sauces and tools for the perfect summer grill. Give dad this Father's Day Grilling Gift Basket - Sauces & Snacks for The Grill Master then take it for a test run together by having the best barbeque of all on Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day 2013.  Hope all dads enjoy this special day for them.

Here are more delightful Gift Baskets For Dad for 2013 for fathers who love coffee, wine, gourmet food and more including foods for the health conscious dad.

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Thursday, June 06, 2013

BFF Day 2013

BFF Day 2013 is on June 8.

BFF is short for Best Friends Forever. My girl is very much into that now. She eagerly brings her autograph book for all her friends to sign in them. They draw cute pictures in colored pens and write sweet notes to each other. She often shows me her autograph book proudly. She may be only 11 but you never know, some of these friends she makes may turn out to be a BFF, a Best Friend Forever.

I find that most BFFs are made in schools rather than at the workplace. When I see my sisters' BFFs and my own, they are mostly friendships we made when we were in school. Somehow work mates just drift out of your life the moment you step out of the office but friends in school sometimes remain friends for life.

Since BFF Days is on June 8, I would like to dedicate this post to my BFF of 30 years. It took me just one year in school to find a friend for life. That is something really amazing. She brought into my life giggles, laughter, lots of sharing, home made cakes and friendship at a time when I was feeling really down and lonely, when my immediate family was not around me.

Thank you, dear. To my BFF. I know someone made you mad today. I hope this post brings you cheer. We've been friends so long, I can't even remember how our school uniform looks like anymore. I think the collar is supposed to be squarish not v shaped but I'm too lazy to change the drawing. :P


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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

I Am A Burden And In The Way

"You are always in the way of my plans". that is what I was told today but that is nothing new. I have heard this many times before. I have also heard "You are a burden." 

I shall not feel hurt. Instead I shall iron the clothes and there are plenty to iron. So many and it was so hot, like a sauna.

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