Thursday, June 06, 2013

BFF Day 2013

BFF Day 2013 is on June 8.

BFF is short for Best Friends Forever. My girl is very much into that now. She eagerly brings her autograph book for all her friends to sign in them. They draw cute pictures in colored pens and write sweet notes to each other. She often shows me her autograph book proudly. She may be only 11 but you never know, some of these friends she makes may turn out to be a BFF, a Best Friend Forever.

I find that most BFFs are made in schools rather than at the workplace. When I see my sisters' BFFs and my own, they are mostly friendships we made when we were in school. Somehow work mates just drift out of your life the moment you step out of the office but friends in school sometimes remain friends for life.

Since BFF Days is on June 8, I would like to dedicate this post to my BFF of 30 years. It took me just one year in school to find a friend for life. That is something really amazing. She brought into my life giggles, laughter, lots of sharing, home made cakes and friendship at a time when I was feeling really down and lonely, when my immediate family was not around me.

Thank you, dear. To my BFF. I know someone made you mad today. I hope this post brings you cheer. We've been friends so long, I can't even remember how our school uniform looks like anymore. I think the collar is supposed to be squarish not v shaped but I'm too lazy to change the drawing. :P


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