Thursday, June 27, 2013

Do Facial Expressions Matter?

Facial Expressions
My husband tried to teach me tennis many years ago and he kept on giving me a fed up and frustrated look. I felt very much affected by the look and could not play at all. He insists that facial expressions do not matter. He says I must remain objective and not let it affect me. To this day, he says that facial expressions do not matter. I beg to differ.

I think facial expressions matter a lot. Sometimes, they speak volumes. Sometimes, they say much more than words can say. 

With this believe, now as a mom, I believe that I must control my facial expressions when talking with the kids. My girl is always coming to me and asking me "Are you angry with me, mom? Are you happy with me mom? Not angry?"

My children say that I am angry all the time and I frown all the time. What a bad example I am showing to them. Today's mantra is "I must control my facial expressions. I must control my facial expressions."

Oh and regarding my tennis classes? Eventually, my husband paid for a tennis coach to teach me but I still can't play for the life of me. I can only run around picking up the tennis balls. :P

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