Friday, March 01, 2013

The New Maid

The new maid gets up half and hour then the old maid. She is more clumsy then the old maid. Ever since she started work, she has broken the sugar pot, snapped a small part off the juicer, broke a part off the rice cooker and almost caused it to be unable to close and therefore unable to function, dropped the hot water flask making it harder to push hot water out now and several other small stuff.

She is also more messy then the old maid. The old maid  used to keep everything spotless and things in their place and her memory was very good unlike the new maid who tends to be more forgetful. However, the new maid cooks faster than the old maid. I guess that is because the new maid is more busy than the old maid since she also helps out with the kids unlike the old maid who only does housework.

Helping out with the kids keeps the new maid very busy so she is treated out more to meals outside and takeout meals. Well, its time for the new maid to stop typing now as she has to go and repair the toilet grout which has a hole in it.

Have you guessed it yet? The new maid is me and I can tell you that my old maid is a lot freer than me because she does not have to handle the kids. My job is twice as much as hers.

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  1. Hahaha U got me there. Do u get part-timers to lighten ur load?

  2. are funny. at first i thought you are the old maid ;)


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