Friday, March 15, 2013

Home Cooked Food

When you have to cooked home cooked food two meals a day every day (and that does not include breakfast and tea), then  you have to improvise and cook easy meals to stay sane. Here is what I do, when I am lazy to cook.

This is what we're having for dinner. Egg Tofu, Chinese Cabbage, Chicken, Baked Beans and Grapes For Dessert

First I mince the chicken meat, cut up the tofu, put the beans in a bowl and wash the fruits and vegetables. Now they're almost ready for cooking.

Next, I put the mince meat over the tofu (they don't look that pretty like in restaurants but who cares) and I put the grapes into little dessert bowls and keep them in the refrigerator for later.

Then the beans go into the rice pot for steaming

The tofu and chicken goes into the wok for steaming

The vegetable goes into the wok for stir frying

That's it. I've got a simple home cooked meal for a family of four. You only see 3 here because the man's portion has been kept in the cooker for warming till he gets home from work.

Even this simple home cooked meal which is rather bland and boring takes 1 hour to prepare and that does not include washing up. (Plus I cheated. I used canned beans!)

Home cooked food may be simple and nutritious but it takes effort to prepare. Don't let its simplicity fool you into thinking that it is easy and quick to prepare. Cooking is time consumming and this is as simple as it gets. Some foods require deep frying and stir frying again with sauces. Some require the ingredients to be grounded or is that grinded into a paste first and many other ways of preparation.

So, if you're reading this and you're not the one doing the preparation, go thank your mum, sis, or wife who has prepared it! If you are the one doing the preparation, then give yourself a pat on the back.

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  1. You serve your kids daily like that? or u wan to make sure they finish your food? lol

    1. Yes, I serve them "chap fun" style daily. It is because of the man you see. He is used to eating like that in front of the tv. So everyone eats like that too. The food gets finished like you say, plus if someone is sick, we don't have to worry about food sharing. hahaha.

  2. Hey MG,

    Just another quick way to cook a meat dish. Try marinating the chicken or meat first then just pop it into a convection oven.

    Half a chicken should take at least 25 minutes to cook (better to set less time on the timer so as not to overcook) if it is completely thawed before marinating. The sauce plus natural juices from the chicken or meat will make the gravy sumptuous ;P. My kids love baked chicken marinated with soya, pepper with sprinkles of salt plus sugar and top with honey once almost baked.

    Veggies can be coleslaw or any vegie salad like cucumber with sour cream plus some sugar, etc ... .

    Have fun cooking simple meals ;P

  3. Thanks for sharing that. Yes, I do that do but I'm lazy. Usually I use ready cut meats, chicken wings or drumsticks or fish, season, wrap with aluminium foil and bake for ten minutes.

  4. That is not lazy!! It's a 3-dish meal. And u steam & fry too... I wonder what u whipped up on your not lazy days?

    On my lazy days, only 1 dish....either steam or bake....wok is no no! To lazy to even wash the wok.

    1. On not lazy days? Most days are lazy wor..

  5. tell me about it..... I only cook dinner... i skip the lunch and do tar pau or cook for for dinner and keep the leftover for lunch the next day. on many lazy days..i just do a ala-carte..


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