Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Part Time Maid

I have two maids now. A daily one which does the daily laundry, washing, ironing, cooking, washing, that kind of thing. The other maid comes in twice a week for four hours each time. On one of the days, she will clean everything upstairs, cleaning up all the upstairs rooms, toilets, fans, aircon filters, mop the floor, wipe everything table tops etc. The other day is for downstairs doing much the same as upstairs.

Actually both maids are me. I've decided that its better to really focus on doing housework for 4 sometimes 5 hours a day but only for twice a week so I won't feel overwhelmed by it and so that I will have some "free time". Of course, there is never ever real "free time". That's where the other "maid" comes in for the daily stuff.

I've found that every since the real maid left, I've been so swamped by housework that it has left me no more inspiration to write. I used to love waking up each day and really being excited and looking forward to writing. I even managed to a book of poems and a breastfeeding help book. Housework killed that. Hopefully, my twice a week plan works out, so that I can have some focus again. I didn't realize it but when I write, I need to focus too. I need concentration and the more I write, the more I have to write about. Housework killed that focus.

I'm slowly trying to get back into my writing mode. I've been out of active action since July last year when I got chicken pox and my maid went back for a holiday. She came back for two months but then the year end holidays arrived and I was busy with the kids. In addition, in October the maid left abruptly which left me swarmed with chores. It's almost half a year now. I should be settled down by now.

I still have this freeze in my mind where my words use to flow freely. I need to be motivated and inspired again. During my absence (from writing) I've missed out some fun quests at Squidoo too. I managed to put in one recently for the Imminent Picture Perfect Reel Challenge. We were supposed to take our own pictures and write a lens (a page on Squidoo is called a lens) using those pictures. My lens was one of the 15 to win a raffle ticket this week. Can you spot which one it is from here? Ok, ok, I'll save you the trouble. It is this lens on Choosing Cross Stitch Patterns. The cross stitch pictures on the lens are all my own. This is the second lens I wrote after a long time. I'm happy its still good enough to be featured. The first lens I wrote after getting back into action is this one: What To Look For When Buying A Juicer. I used to be able to write a lens a day but now...

I need to get back into my blogging mode too. So far, I've managed some posts. Hope I can keep it up.

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  1. The maid here lost her mojo to blog too.. always a super quick one to make it as interim posts for paid posts purpose.. else I won't even bothered to blog.. no time bah!

    1. Maybe we just fell off the blog learning curve.


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