Friday, February 24, 2012

First Period

Just earlier this week, in my girl's school, they got all the Std 4 to Std 6 girls (aged 10-12) together and spoke to them about periods and sanitary pads and how to dispose of the sanitary pads. They informed them that it was a very natural thing and there was nothing to be embarrassed or shy about.

Then as if with perfect timing, my girl's first period started yesterday. I guess the school did me a favor by giving them that talk. Fortunately I had also prepared my girl for this important milestone when she was around 8 or 9.   At the time, I was reading an article in the newspaper about menstruation and how important it was for parents to inform their child and what are the things to discuss with their growing daughters. I read out the entire article to her and stopped for questions. That wasn't too difficult.

Luckily I did not wait till later thinking that there is plenty of time for later. I like that she is prepared so she is not worried. Still, she wasn't very sure and asked me whether it was just poop stains because it looked brown. I assured her that it wasn't, then all I had to do was show her how to wear the pads, how to dispose them and to practice good hygiene at all times. Good thing I had some slim pads in the house. Maxi pads would probably be too uncomfortable for her. There is a wide range of age for the start of first period and I guess she is on the early side. Hopefully she won't receive a lot of teasing for that.

Well, she is not that worried but I am. I'm now worried about whether she will be teased. I'm worried about whether she will feel discomfort when attending gym class today. I'm worried about whether she will have enough time to eat during recess as well as change the pad on her own for the first time today since she is such a dawdler. I'm worried about whether there will be any leakages.

I guess I shouldn't worry so much. After all, I can't even remember when I had my first remember and I don't remember anything else either. Either I had it very early like her or my memory is really bad. I can't remember who taught me to wear a pad. Maybe it was an aunt or an older sister. I don't remember my mum doing it, I think she must have passed on at the time or was very ill. I can't seem to remember anything about my first period. Probably it was not very eventful. So hey, probably my girl won't remember much either later on.

Ah we mothers. We worry all the time. My baby. My baby is growing up. I feel kind of nostalgic.

Here are some useful resources and links to help you prepare your daughter for her first period.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Conversation about how babies are made

This morning I had to answer many questions about how babies are made.  Before this I had used my conception and birth book to explain to the kids about how the birds and the bees and how babies are made. Though we've had this birds and bees lesson before, the younger one obviously did not get it and wanted some answers.

Boy: Mum, why do people have to grow fat to have babies?

Mum: No, they don't grow fat, they get pregnant.

Boy: You mean they get pregnant and then the baby pops out from the egg (makes a huge egg gesture with his hands)  

Mum: No, human beings don't lay eggs. We give birth to babies. The babies are formed when the tiny egg meets the sperm.

Boy: Haha. And then they straight away become a baby? And everyone has eggs?

Mum: No, only girls. 

Boy: Then how come cheh cheh (sister) doesn't have any eggs.

Mum: Because she is still young. Older girls have lots of eggs and they come out once a month if it does not meet the sperm.

Girl: Boys have sperm, girls have eggs.

Boy: Wow. Then I can make a baby.

Mum: No, you can't. If you have a baby, you must be able to take care of it. For example, you must have money to buy the baby milk and clothes. 

Boy: I have money in my piggy bank and the bank. I have all those fifty cents in the bank.

Mum: That money is for your studies.

Boy: Then we must get married first then make babies?

Mum: Yes and you wait till you are older, finished your studies, get a job before you get married

Boy: Hmm... then I can make a baby with a girl and make another baby with another girl and have more babies.

Mum: No, you can't do that! One girl is enough.

Girl: Mum,you can't have babies anymore? Because daddy's sperm don't meet yours.

Mum: Well, I have less eggs now and you know they don't come out every month now. Now, hurry up and finish your breakfast both of you or you will be late for school. 

(Then mum pretends to act busy and rushes off because the questions are getting more difficult to answer. Haha. In the background she can still here the two having a conversation about their money in the bank.)

More crazy conversations like these are expected when the children grow up and become curious about many things. Have you had the birds and bees conversation with your child yet? I find that books are the easiest way to help explain such things. Here are some good books on the birds and bees.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cemetery Pants

Crazy Conversations of a mum

Girl: Mummy what is cemetery pants?

Mum: Never heard of it. 

Girl: Well then, what is cemetery?

Mum: It's a place where they bury dead people.

Girl:  And pants?

Mum:  That's trousers.

Girl:  Hmmm... I wonder what my friend was trying to say. She said we'll have to wear cemetery pants.

Mum: Maybe she meant symmetry pants?

Girl: Anyway mum, today teacher asked all the std 1 to 3 children and all the boys to leave, then she talked to us about period. What is period?

Mum: It is menstruation. You know about that.

Girl: I thought period meant time like in our timetable. How come they call this period?

Mum: Well, as you know many words have several different meanings. This is just one of them. It also means its the period of time when you have your menstruation.

*Lightbulb Moment*

Mum: Oh, I think your friend was talking about sanitary pads! (not cemetary pants)

Girl: So what is the meaning of 'sanitary' and what does 'pad' mean?

Mum: Well sanitary means clean and pad is like a cushion. ..........

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Colored Contact Lenses

Green Contact Lenses
Many ladies are now wearing colored contact lenses for cosmetic reasons. These days there are a wide spectrum of shades to complement your looks. For example, there are special shades to blend in with the color of your eyes. You can easily find the best contact lenses for dark brown eyes as well as other shades for different colored eyes.

However, what many people do not know is how to choose those contact lenses. There are many things to consider like whether you need a prescription for colored contacts. If you are wearing contacts, can you switch to color, if you are not wearing contacts, can you wear them just for cosmetic reasons. Can you wear colored contact lenses if you have astigmatism and many more important questions.

Warm Honey Lenses
Apart from these, there are many other questions you should ask yourself before you decide whether contact lenses are for you. You may want to know what colors to choose, how long you can wear colored contact lenses and how long they last.

I feel that before you make a decision on whether colored contact lenses is for you, you should read up more on the FAQs for colored contact lenses. This should give you a better idea before you go out to get colored lenses. It is always better to do some research before you start wearing something so personal as contact lenses.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

A Mother's Love Packed in a Bento Lunch Box

Image Credit: Bento Lunch Jar from Jojirushi

Occasionally I bring lunch for my kids in school. I love observing the children in school especially the little ones. It is even more fun to watch the young ones at the beginning of the year. Watching them struggle with breaking a hard boiled egg shows me the independence that a child learns away from home in big school for the first time. It is quite a wonder to watch them really.

Recently I was with my kids at their school lunch when a Standard One Child aged 7 sat down in front of my kids. He was alone and he had brought with him his big bag of lunch in a food warmer bag. I watched him unzip his insulated food bag then peer into the bag to find out the contents then saw his face light up in a big smile as he saw the many items his mother had packed for him.

There were little love notes with instructions attached to everything. His eyes lighted up again when he saw a note attached to a small packet of snack. Then he took out his tiffin carrier of food and started opening it. There was brown rice, vegetable and fried fish on the different tiers. He opened up his flask and peered into the drink and again smiled happily. He read his mum's notes to him and smiled to himself.

Then he proceeded to eat. When he had finished, he put together his tiffin food carrier again and snapped it shut. Then he struggled to open his snack which so delighted him earlier. After several attempts, he gave up as he could not tear it apart. Aww... He kept his snack and flask into his food warmer and zipped it up, then he left the table..... without his tiffin carrier. Haha. I had to run after him with it.

He was a delight to watch and it just reminds me that even when the mother may be working and may not have the luxury of being around physically, her love is always around and touches a child's heart.

It is important to make that effort of doing small things for our children like the small lunch packed full of love.

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