Thursday, February 23, 2012

Conversation about how babies are made

This morning I had to answer many questions about how babies are made.  Before this I had used my conception and birth book to explain to the kids about how the birds and the bees and how babies are made. Though we've had this birds and bees lesson before, the younger one obviously did not get it and wanted some answers.

Boy: Mum, why do people have to grow fat to have babies?

Mum: No, they don't grow fat, they get pregnant.

Boy: You mean they get pregnant and then the baby pops out from the egg (makes a huge egg gesture with his hands)  

Mum: No, human beings don't lay eggs. We give birth to babies. The babies are formed when the tiny egg meets the sperm.

Boy: Haha. And then they straight away become a baby? And everyone has eggs?

Mum: No, only girls. 

Boy: Then how come cheh cheh (sister) doesn't have any eggs.

Mum: Because she is still young. Older girls have lots of eggs and they come out once a month if it does not meet the sperm.

Girl: Boys have sperm, girls have eggs.

Boy: Wow. Then I can make a baby.

Mum: No, you can't. If you have a baby, you must be able to take care of it. For example, you must have money to buy the baby milk and clothes. 

Boy: I have money in my piggy bank and the bank. I have all those fifty cents in the bank.

Mum: That money is for your studies.

Boy: Then we must get married first then make babies?

Mum: Yes and you wait till you are older, finished your studies, get a job before you get married

Boy: Hmm... then I can make a baby with a girl and make another baby with another girl and have more babies.

Mum: No, you can't do that! One girl is enough.

Girl: Mum,you can't have babies anymore? Because daddy's sperm don't meet yours.

Mum: Well, I have less eggs now and you know they don't come out every month now. Now, hurry up and finish your breakfast both of you or you will be late for school. 

(Then mum pretends to act busy and rushes off because the questions are getting more difficult to answer. Haha. In the background she can still here the two having a conversation about their money in the bank.)

More crazy conversations like these are expected when the children grow up and become curious about many things. Have you had the birds and bees conversation with your child yet? I find that books are the easiest way to help explain such things. Here are some good books on the birds and bees.

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  1. My kids would ask me how he sperm meets the egg. Oops. Tough one to answer. I don't remember asking these kinds of questions when I was younger. Lol. Thanks for your suggestions. :D

    1. Twin, my kids know how the sperm meets the eggs which is why when my girl started talking about daddy's sperm not meeting mummy's egg now I quickly exited the scene. Haha.

  2. Goodness!When it happen, I have to refer here for answers!

    1. Haha Carolyn, No worries, there are plenty of references. In fact, I just wrote a whole lens about it. Talking to your child about the birds and the bees


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