Friday, February 10, 2012

A Mother's Love Packed in a Bento Lunch Box

Image Credit: Bento Lunch Jar from Jojirushi

Occasionally I bring lunch for my kids in school. I love observing the children in school especially the little ones. It is even more fun to watch the young ones at the beginning of the year. Watching them struggle with breaking a hard boiled egg shows me the independence that a child learns away from home in big school for the first time. It is quite a wonder to watch them really.

Recently I was with my kids at their school lunch when a Standard One Child aged 7 sat down in front of my kids. He was alone and he had brought with him his big bag of lunch in a food warmer bag. I watched him unzip his insulated food bag then peer into the bag to find out the contents then saw his face light up in a big smile as he saw the many items his mother had packed for him.

There were little love notes with instructions attached to everything. His eyes lighted up again when he saw a note attached to a small packet of snack. Then he took out his tiffin carrier of food and started opening it. There was brown rice, vegetable and fried fish on the different tiers. He opened up his flask and peered into the drink and again smiled happily. He read his mum's notes to him and smiled to himself.

Then he proceeded to eat. When he had finished, he put together his tiffin food carrier again and snapped it shut. Then he struggled to open his snack which so delighted him earlier. After several attempts, he gave up as he could not tear it apart. Aww... He kept his snack and flask into his food warmer and zipped it up, then he left the table..... without his tiffin carrier. Haha. I had to run after him with it.

He was a delight to watch and it just reminds me that even when the mother may be working and may not have the luxury of being around physically, her love is always around and touches a child's heart.

It is important to make that effort of doing small things for our children like the small lunch packed full of love.

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  1. aaww... I was touched when reading this .. I pack lunch and daily snack for my girl. I do hope she smiles when she opens her snack box.

    1. I am sure she does. Its such a contrast to some other kids whom I see who buys junk food with the money they are given. There is one child I see who eats junk food for recess, lunch and afternoon break! I've never seen him buy a proper lunch of noodles, rice or sandwiches with the money he is given, only packets of junk food.

  2. This is so true. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Probably the same can be done for the spouse but I am not sure their smiles will be as bright. Hahaha.

  3. The child's reaction says it all. Thanks for sharing. Note to myself, prepare lunch for kids next time. hehe.


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