Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cemetery Pants

Crazy Conversations of a mum

Girl: Mummy what is cemetery pants?

Mum: Never heard of it. 

Girl: Well then, what is cemetery?

Mum: It's a place where they bury dead people.

Girl:  And pants?

Mum:  That's trousers.

Girl:  Hmmm... I wonder what my friend was trying to say. She said we'll have to wear cemetery pants.

Mum: Maybe she meant symmetry pants?

Girl: Anyway mum, today teacher asked all the std 1 to 3 children and all the boys to leave, then she talked to us about period. What is period?

Mum: It is menstruation. You know about that.

Girl: I thought period meant time like in our timetable. How come they call this period?

Mum: Well, as you know many words have several different meanings. This is just one of them. It also means its the period of time when you have your menstruation.

*Lightbulb Moment*

Mum: Oh, I think your friend was talking about sanitary pads! (not cemetary pants)

Girl: So what is the meaning of 'sanitary' and what does 'pad' mean?

Mum: Well sanitary means clean and pad is like a cushion. ..........

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  1. Mummy is so bright. Very good answer and explaination were given to your girl.

  2. i think her friend was talking about sanitary pants, you know the period panties. so if overflow won't kena the skirt/pants. I use that ^^

    1. Really? I didn't know they had such things. Haha.

  3. ahahaha another mother and child moment ^_^


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