Monday, February 28, 2011

Home Tutor or Group Tuition?

My girl has been complaining about the group tuition she is attending at school. This year we decided to let her attend the after school group tuition being offered by her school. I am monitoring the classes as well as my girl closely. Any sign that she is too tired or if I feel that the group tuition does not give enough value added lessons, then I will pull her out.

The after school tuition classes are tiring. The kids come out at 1.35pm. They can have a short lunch and tuition classes resume at 2.00pm and end at 4.00pm. By the time they come home they are usually so tired. I can see rings under their eyes and they are ready to drop off to bed. Unfortunately, they are unable to rest. There is more rush.

Usually, the kids have to eat tea in the car and as soon as they are home they are rushed off to have a bath. After that it is a rush to complete school work and to pack their bags for the next day. By the time they are done it is dinner time. Right after dinner, they get ready for bed and go to sleep and then it is another day.

I haven't decided whether to let her have home tuition by a home tutor instead, such as the one being offered by Studypoint. At least with a home tutor, there will be less rushing around for meals and it is at the comfort of our own home.

At the moment, the kids are given an extra workbook to do during tuition. I can's see much value added in that accept more work. I was thinking that perhaps with a home tutor, they can have homework help if required to ease their burden instead of add to it.

Anyway, these are just things running through my head at the moment. So far, she has only attended a couple of lessons because she was sick and missed a few classes so I can't make a decision based on so little information. I haven't decided yet either way. I may just stop the tuition altogether so we can all have more rest.

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