Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mom's Diary

I am "not working" but my diary and appointment book is always full. For example, I have to remember the following schedule and all that it entails....

  • Doctor Appointment for Kid No. 2
  • Mid Year Tests for Kid No. 1
  • Math Competition in School for Kid No. 1
  • Dentist Appointment
  • Class photo day for Kid No. 1
  • Spelling Competition in school for Kid No. 2
  • Take Kid No. 2 to barber
  • Class photo day for Kid No. 2
  • Immunization for Kid No. 2
  • Music Theory Exam for Kid No. 1
  • School Holidays for everyone except mommy who is even more busy than ever!
  • Lantern Festival Party in Kid No. 2's school
  • and so on and so forth
With such a tight schedule, I have no time to be bored. I have only 2 kids. I wonder how those with more kids cope. Their dairy must be even more full.

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  1. I dare not write with my 3 kids last time.. *pengsan* if i did.. no time to eat then.. hahaha...

  2. No time to eat, or sleep or bathe or pangsai....

  3. Their schedule and appointments always clashed with mine. I have yet to go touch up my eyebrows and to finish off the spa treatment that I have signed up 8 years ago. haha

    Now I am like a private secretary to all my kids, managing their appointments.


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