Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Motherhood is sometimes a tiring job despite its many obvious rewards. Sometimes it does get tiring and the motherhood journey is hard.

Sometimes all we need is a little pat on the back and a small word of praise. "Thank you for a job well done" (even though it is not quite well done). Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement instead of criticism. "It is your job. Just get it done. Why are you complaining. All I hear is complaining. I want results."

Sometimes it is hard to get caught in between. In between the spouse and the kids. In between the children. In between the school and the kids. In between.. in between...

We are also caught in the fine line between discipline and freedom. When you try to discipline sometimes you are told that you are being too harsh. When you try to give some leeway, you are spoiling the kids.

We must support and praise and encourage and discipline but what support praise and encouragement do we get?

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  1. Come.. let me give u a gentle pat on your back.. "Well done, mama blogger... join in the club... we mama-s here are here to give u all the encouragement you deserve.. "
    Mothers here are almost alike.. we love our kids, our family and end of the day, we wonder whether we do enough for them or not.. I dare not say I did a lot..cos i m also learning to be a mum eventhough my kids are grown up.. so.. as long as we love our kids, it is all that matters... enough or not is another issue..
    "Mothers are never perfect but we are strong and we will survive..."

  2. A BIIIIIIG HUG to you. That's why we need other mothers, to remind each other what a good job we are doing. Take a break, give yourself a treat. Demand a thank you instead of wishing silently that they will say it.

  3. claire,
    Thanks for the encouragement.

    Demand leads to arguments and more weariness.


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