Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Mother's New Year Resolution

This is my New Year's Resolution as a mother.

This year I hope to....

  • cuddle more and hit less
  • listen more and scold less
  • be more innovative in getting the kids to do things
  • love more and get angry less
  • spend more time with the kids (they never tire in trying to get me to spend more time with them. I know if I can spend more time with them, it will make them very happy)
  • read more to the kids and nag less
  • play with them more and teach them more as well, not only academically but about life as well

That is what I hope to achieve as a mother this year. I better review this list often especially when I lose it, get angry, annoyed, mad or irritated which is quite often!

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  1. ditto.... now i realised its not easy to get a child to school....:(

  2. i never really gave it a thought. Will ponder tonight in bed.

  3. LittleLamb,

    The early morning rush is really hard to deal with, not to mention the after school homework management. :P

    Family First,
    Haha. Do let us know.

  4. Cuddle more and hit less sure sounds good to me :D


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