Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby Shower Favors

I have many friends expecting babies in the year 2010. It looks like the stork will be very busy indeed this year 2010.

Welcoming a baby is always a very special moment, whether it is the first, second, third or more babies. Some couples choose to make their baby announcements really special by having a baby shower with lovely collectibles as their baby shower favors.

I love attending baby showers and I love receiving those special thoughtful gifts that the host prepares. I always keep them for keepsakes. I personally prefer collectibles rather than edibles because edibles do not last. :)

It is the same for wedding favors. I remember once I received special decorative soaps as a wedding favor years ago. I have kept them till this day even though I have long since lost touch with the couple.

In fact, I can't remember very much about the wedding at all. It was about 15 to 20 years ago. However, etched in my memory is the happy and proud look on the bride and groom's face as they presented me with their wedding favor.

I still treasure the collectible very much. That is why I prefer it to edibles.

What about you? What sort of favors do you prefer?

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