Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When you were a baby

One of the things the kids love a lot is to hear about the time when they were a baby or little. They love to look at their baby photos and listen to what it was like when they were a baby.

We'd tell them that we used to cuddle them and walk them to sleep and we'd sing the same songs that we used to sing them to sleep.

They really love it. We love it too. We love thinking back about the time when they were small. And they love to hear us talk about it.

I can't believe how fast time flies. Now its 7 years. 7 years since we had our first baby. And there are plenty of wonderful, beautiful memories that we carry with us now.

I hope that we get to make many more wonderful, beautiful memories as they grow. And I wish the same for all parents, new and old. :)

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  1. Totally agree with u. Our children grow so quickly that it is so hard to capture every memorable moment.
    Thank God for photos and Videocam!!!

  2. Leona,
    But we must remember to save and backup all those photos and videos!


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