Monday, July 20, 2009

Unsuccessful MRI - Part 1

Ever since the MRI was scheduled over a week ago, I had begun to worry. We were given an oral sedative called chloral hydrate to give to the girl about an hour before the MRI. I worried about a few things mainly about the safety of the sedative as well as whether my girl would be frightened by the procedure.

We were told to give 25ml of the sedative all at once. It seemed like a lot to me so I rang up the pharmacy to double check before giving. We didn't inform the girl about the MRI. We had postponed her piano class which she was looking forward to because she had learned to play her song really well and she "wanted to surprise teacher".

Finally on the day of the MRI, I told her. I tried to make it as lighthearted and casual as possible. I told her that the doctor wanted to take an x-ray picture of her brain. Just like the pictures of mummy's brain that she saw. She was disappointed that she wouldn't have her piano class but she eventually settled down to do her homework without too many questions as would normally be expected from my very inquistive girl.

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  1. how come ur girl need to scan the brain? what happen?

  2. My baby took the oral sedative too before her scans. She took them many times. Once, she had to take 3 doses to knock her out completely. The quantity to be given is calculated based on the child's weight. I think the sedative is pretty save. If overdose, the child will just sleep for prolonged hours. In my baby's case, she slept for 1-2 days (waking up for meals and for short periods) after the sedative. I know it's hard on you. I've gone thru those moments, and even much harder ones. Please stay strong.

  3. health freak mommy,
    Slept for 1-2 days! I would be worried sick. Now that oral sedative did not work, they are talking about deeper sedation given intravenously or perhaps hospital admission with general anaesthesia. :(


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