Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The greatest challenge of being a mother

I find that the greatest challenge of being a mother, so far, is the test of patience. Every day my patience is being challenged to its limit.

Now that my girl is 7, she is no longer cute. In fact, on certain days, if I may say this, she can get downright irritating and annoying.

If there is one word I can use to describe my child, that word would be "INQUISITIVE". She is inqusitive, very much so. I guess that is a good thing because it means that she loves to learn but in order to learn, she has to ask questions about anything and everything under the sun. I lose my patience quite often when that happens. I want to pull my hair and scream at her "ENOUGH ALREADY!"

Once she asked me "Mummy, what did you say about what I said about ... oh I don't know already." and she expects me to answer that!

Quite often, I find myself, rolling my eyes at her or shouting at her to stop it. Once, we got so frustrated, we even went to the extent of telling her that "You are limited to only 5 questions a day." (I know thats utterly terrible. Its just that my patience has been stretched to the limit) but of course that does not stop her. She asks more than 5 questions for each issue and then asks again in the next breath or minute.

She also must make sure that I hear her correctly. She would request that I repeat her question EXACTLY the way that she asks it word for word. I know she behaves this way because she is lacking in confidence, wants some attention and wants to learn. But that does not stop me from running out of patience!

Dealing with this day after day really tires me out. I want to be a good listener to her but no matter how much attention I give to her, it does not change her behaviour. I have really run out of ideas and patiences.

So I think patience is the best virtue of a mother and something I need to work on.

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  1. oh boy.. i'm already starting to feel that with ethan who is only 21 mths NOW! he'll be like.. "mummy see!" ok.. i saw.. n seconds after.. "mummy see!".. again n again n again.. kids!

  2. I shout "exactly!" at the end of every line you wrote.

    EXACTLY! Our girls are doing the same thing, they are same age, boohoohoo....

  3. Merryn,
    It'll get worse. Hahaha.

    And you've got double dose! I'm sure they drive you up the wall!

  4. I am writing a paper about the psychological affects of a child having a mother who is stern, rejecting, emotionally-unavailable, unaffectionate and verbally abusive. How would this affect a child in their adult years?

    This is the example I was given...
    A young girl is being raised by a young and depressed mother who is unhappy in her relationship with her spouse... she is generally unhappy, complains of headaches, has little to no patience for her children... doesn't hug her daughter, is rejecting, insensitive, emotionally-unavailable and not affectionate... how would this affect the female child as an adult?


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