Friday, April 24, 2009

The Future of Science for Your Health

Do you want to live longer and healthier? The future of Science and its application for health benefits has made this potentially possible.

I am sure everyone has heard of Embryonic stem cells. However, its use and the way it is obtain can be controversial. Adult stem cells like those found in bone marrow may help to overcome the ethical dilemma, however it requires invasive procedures to obtain them.

Now, menstrual blood is being tapped as a new source of stem cells. It is easy to collect, does not cause any harm or pain and can be collected monthly for years. Perhaps scientists have indeed found the holy grail of stem cells.

Cryo-Cell International is the only company in the world that allows women the exclusive opportunity to preserve their very own menstrual stem cells using C'elle's patent-pending technology and easy to use collection kit.

Menstrual stem cells show great promise in treating breast cancer, diabetes, stroke and more. If you preserve your very own menstrual stem cells now, who knows, it could save you in the future. Why not call 1-866-565-9254 to find out more? At the moment C'elle is offering you an affordable way to protect your future. You can enroll now for only $299 ($400 off the regular price!!! ) using the Promo Code CN400.


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  1. Which degree is better to go into if I am going for Dental Hygienist, a health science degree or health information technology degree?
    Can you tell me what each degree is commonly used for, how much they make, and is it worth going for for the future careers?


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