Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No time to blog

I have a new maid to help me with my housework but I have less time now. Isn't that crazy? Haha. Well, its only initially, I hope, as I get her accustomed to my house and how I like to do things around the house. I'm working on getting my house clean again. I'm trying to raise my standard of cleanliness. It has been so low for so long.

This morning, I climbed and cleaned all the fans in the house with the maid helping me to clean and change the wiping cloths along the way. It helps so much not to have to climb up and down and clean the cloths at the same time. Things get done so much faster this way. If not for her help, I probably wouldn't clean the fans till next Chinese New Year!

Why didn't I just ask her to wipe it on her own? Well, first, I wanted to show her how I like it wiped (the best way to teach someone is to show them how its done) and second, things really get done much faster this way and we can move along to other things. Crazy?

I'm afraid that when I had to do it on my own, I reduced my standard of cleanliness just so I wouldn't be overwhelmed by all the work. :P So now, I'm raising the bar again. But that leaves me with very little time to blog. I've not had the chance to blog hop for a while now. :(

Each time I open up my bloglines blogreader, I'm overwhelmed by the number of unread blog posts. It says 688 unread posts at the moment. I think I'm going to have to click "mark read" for all but thats hard to do. So, just give me a little time, and I will be back reading your blogs again. Now, I'm going to go and click "mark read" so I won't be overwhelmed by all the unread blogs. Lol!

Another thing, I get this "Wuah, you're not working and you have a maid to help you, you're really a tai tai now." Yah sure, I still have to manage my time very well and hopefully with better time management and planning, I can plan things for the maid to spend her time productively, effectively and efficiently so that I can have a cleaner house and more time to spend with the kids, and the hubby and my piano and my blog.

I don't think I can ever be labeled a tai tai. I still believe in doing most things myself. At the most, I'm a part time tai tai with an assistant. ;) Well, this part time tai tai has got to run now, to cook with the help of her assistant. Hehe.

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  1. the business is only the initial phase, once she's use to your routine, everything will be easy for you. Even with a maid, I don't claim myself as a tai tai too, I still do a lot of the job myself.

  2. elaine,
    A lot of the jobs still need to be done ourselves, especially those related to the kids. Thats why we're called their mummies aren't we? :)

  3. a&a'smom5:57 PM, July 22, 2008

    U cant leave everything for the maid to do. That's why I'm the 2nd maid in my house, LOL! Since I cant manage to do all the housework myself, I dont expect my maid to do so. So me & my maid are working partners (she's aLSO MY GOSSIP PARTNER). I hate cooking, so she does it while I dont mind cleaning the house & therefore I vacuum.

  4. Haha..I totally understand how you feel about lowering the standard when comes to cleaning on our own. Nowadays, I'm just glad the floor is mop once every 2 weeks (by the p/t housecleaner). My MIL probably is tsk tsk tsk-ing behind my back. LOL!

  5. a&a's mom,
    We're the opposite. I prefer to do the cooking. So she does the housework and I do the cooking.

    My standard was so low that I think you'd have to pay $$ to enter my bathroom (cos it was starting to look like a public toilet). Hahaha. I don't clean the toilet all at one time but in short spurts. If the toilet bowl looks too dirty you might find me washing it in the middle of the night. Then the next day, I may do the floor, another time the sink. By breaking it up this way, its easier on my old bones. My old lazy bones that is. lol!

  6. hi mumsgather, I used to have a maid and like you, I liked to do the cleaning myself too, just to double check the things sometimes whether she cleaned it properly or not, haha...

    you are right, showing the maid how to do is the most effective way to teach her, besides we also know the level of difficulty. Some people will just blame how slow is their maid work without trying it out themself. Cheers...

  7. martini,
    Its good to do it yourself once in a while. Then you'll know if something is not quite right. Haha. I wouldn't give my maid any work that I wouldn't do myself. So I wouldn't expect her to wash the car and porch every morning, then make breakfast for everyone, then wash clothes, then take care of the kids, then cook lunch and clean up, then bathe and get the kids to nap, then iron the clothes, then cook dinner and wash up, etc etc because its just too much work. Its exhausting. So I share the tasks with her. I cook, she cleans up etc.


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