Tuesday, July 01, 2008

When mommy goes out and leaves the kids with daddy

Why is it that when daddy goes out and leaves the kids with mommy, he just strolls out the door, just like that?

But when mommy goes out and leaves the kids with daddy, she has to....... scuttle around and make sure that....

  • the kids are fed/bathed/napped
  • the food/milk is prepared beforehand
  • daddy knows where to find the food/milk/kids clothes
  • daddy knows what time to feed the kids/get the kids to nap
  • etc etc etc (fill in the list yourself)

And when daddy comes home, he just strolls in through the door, just like that and the kids are fed/bathed/napped.

But when mommy comes home, she is faced with a mini chaos...

  • If lucky enough to find kids napping, there will be milk bottles/dishes in the sink to clean up
  • If lucky enough to find the kids bathed, there will be clothes strewn all over the bed/floor/chairs
  • If lucky enough to find that the kids have eaten, they may be running around sweating/sleepy but still having fun refusing to sleep

Hmmm......... is it like that in your home too?

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  1. not all daddies are that helpless lar....

  2. Common at my household. If I plan to go out, I'm expected to be home at the hour that I have told hub, even 1/2 hour delay, I would be expecting a phone call with that "moody" tone and with baby wailing at the background.

  3. yes - i am... with three young ladies : now at 13, 12 and 9.

    from nite feeding to changing, bathing, toilet training, cutting hair, caning....

    i enjoy every bit of it.

    rare daddy.

  4. elaine,
    I rarely go out so I'm aloud more time when I do go out. Hahaha.

    Thats wonderful. My hubby is a very involved daddy too. Accept that he does leave the little details to me. Haha. But he's wonderful just the same and the kids share a close bond with him as I am sure yours does with you. Cheers!

  5. The only thing with DH is I have to see his mood. If good mood then everything will be taken care of. If not, I'm better off taking the kids with me. I'd rather face the hassle of taking care of the kids than come home to a cranky DH.

  6. lian,
    Haha. Like that very hard to plan outings. ;)

  7. Yes, I face the same thing in my household too..ha ha ;)

  8. you got that down pat !!
    Husb could never ever take baby out on his own either, unless you count the early morning ta-pau. If I need to go to court earlier than usual, you can bet Ashley missed school too.

  9. ming,
    *shakes hands*

    Early morning ta-pau counts. Hahaha.

  10. Sometimes I get a few calls with kids crying in the background with my hubby saying "So.....how much longer do you think you'll be gone?" Errrrr!

  11. my2gs,
    I get regular sms too during my outing or I'd get a "Hey? How come you're back at 5pm. I thought you said 3pm?" when I get back home. Haha.

  12. Ha! Yes, it's exactly like this at my house too! There is so much prep work for me to be away for an hour or two, I have to really consider if the outing is worth it.

    Sometimes, the conversation goes:

    Hubby: Should I change her diaper?
    Me: What do you think?
    Hubby: OK.
    Me: Please make sure she eats a snack.
    Hubby: Oh. Right. Snack. ...Snack?

    Occasionally, I introduce myself to him, just so we stay on the same page.

  13. Hi meaghan,
    Glad to know I'm not the only one. Lol!

  14. How come you can tell the exact condition of my kids + home + hubby after my outing de?? Can foretell 4 digits kah?? :P

  15. denn,
    Well, if I strike 4 digit, can you look after the kids for me while I go out and have a ball? Hahaha.

  16. updated mom,
    Its a very common thing eh? *wink wink*


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