Thursday, July 17, 2008

I wish I had more time for my second child

I wish I had more time for my second child. Oh, I have no problem spreading the love among the kids but its the time that I have a problem with.

With my first, I had the time to teach her in a structured but fun manner and as a result, I believe she has develop a love for learning and reading. And because of her love and keeness for learning, it is a joy to teach her.

However, when it comes to number 2, I haven't been able to spend the same amount of time teaching him. I really should commit more of my time for him. Half a year is over now and I haven't taught him in the way that I had envisioned or wished to.

All I did was take out his activity books and say "Nah, do this." Then I'd be off to do some other things. This is not the right manner of teaching. I can see the difference. When I do this, his attention span becomes less and after a while he says "Mummy, I am tired."

What our children want most of all from us, is our time and attention. When I sit down with them, with all my time and attention foccussed on them, then thats when I see their eagerness to learn and ask questions and I don't get "Mummy, I am tired." I get "Mummy, I want to have lessons."

Whats the point of this post? Well, I just feel guilty and I feel bad. I must think of a way to adjust my schedule to include daily one to one teaching time with him. Yes, thats it. Thats what I will do. Time to go off and put on my thinking hat now.

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  1. I feel just as bad too. not sure if it's alws the case when we have two kids ?

    I also feel that I havent been teaching my son, as much as my girl when the same age. Just too many things to do, yet little time.

    I hope being a partime SAHM will improve the situation.

  2. Yeah but second kids do ok. I know my youngest one doesnt get anywhere near the time my son got but a a mom I send far too much time beating myself up over things. She'll be fine and so will yours you care and you love them kids are more resiliant than you think

  3. suzie,
    Thank you for the encouraging words. :)

  4. awww...dont feel so bad. I am in like position. Never time for quality moments with the 2nd born.Sometimes there are other priority that just crop up. Parenting just aren't easy and we juggle as best as we can

  5. allthingspurple,
    I tell myself that but each time he is left to play on his own as I help his sister with her homework, her piano, chat with her about school etc. Poor thing.


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