Monday, June 09, 2008

Busy School Holidays

Recently my girl had a two week mid term break. I had planned many activities for her. One of them was to let her practise her Chinese Online on She really enjoys navigating the site. Her favourite is the animated Magical Chinese Characters. She likes to watch the stories transform into Chinese words that she recognises.

During school days, she has little time to explore the site because of her homework so I thought that school holidays would be a good time. But with so much to do and so little time, I found that 2 weeks flew by just like that.

In the end, she watched a lot of cartoon shows on VCD and we did some crafts and a little bit of lesson in Math and Science which she enjoys. Oh, I feel so guilty! I really need to let her practise her Chinese if I am going to send her to Chinese School.

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  1. Hi,

    I think you shouldn't worry about whether or not your daugther will be able to catch up her Mandarin later in Chinese School. I'm sure that mixing around with her peers later will be very helpful on the road to learn Mandarin. Just let the school play its role and you remained helping her in English. Hence, she will be bilingual in both! :)


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