Thursday, June 12, 2008

Switching to a more Frugal Lifestyle

Moomykin tagged me on this one but I can't access my personal blog to do it. So I shall just do it here. That is the beauty of having several blogs. Haha. If you can't access your blog on that day for whatever reason, you don't sweat it.

She wanted to know how I would change my lifestyle with prices rising on just about everything. I must say that she has most things covered so I can only think of a few more things.

1. Eat out Less. Its terribly expensive to eat out.
2. Drink water when eating out. Drinks can really bring up your bill quite a bit.
3. Stop buying toys. Play with homemade toys instead. This encourages creativity in the kids. I won't stop buying books though because books encourages reading and a love for reading which are good for a lifetime.
4. Use fan instead of aircon whenever possible.
5. Shop during sales.
6. Use discount coupons to shop.
7. Buy things in bulk. That helps to save money as well as trips to the supermarket.

Now, how would you change your lifestyle?

1. Sting
2. Lim Ai Lian
3. BengBeng
4. Henny

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  1. ooooo :) very nice list, I like the leftover drinking water bit :)

    must try it..

  2. ya ya.. i do wish there are more discount coupons around :-) thanks for the tag

  3. angelia,
    Leftover drinking water? I'm confused. Did I say anything about leftover drinking water? Hehe.

    Me too. The usual ones I get are usually for fastfood!

  4. Smart list!
    Thank u for 'remind' me. Last weekend we had already order only mineral waters for drinking at the resto. My family latest action (starting this week): the 2 big kids come home from school by public transportation *bus*:). I think they're big enough now to be independent, but still they chosed an AC bus!It's ok, for the "beginner". haha..

  5. Thanks for the tag. Done it here:

    I agree with you that toys can decrease but not books.

  6. henny,
    Usually I order boiled water at restaurants if they are available at a minimal fee because they would charge and unreasonable high fee for a bottle of mineral water.

    Thanks for your great list. :)


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