Monday, June 18, 2007

Bye Bye Diapers

My girl has stayed dry at night for 16 days consecutively now with no accidents in between. Yahoo!!!! I can now kiss the diapers goodbye since my boy is already off it. Hubby says he feels a little bit sad. It means they are growing up fast. He is a sentimental fella. That hubby of mine.

I don't fee sad. I feel happy. Happy that we are saving money on diapers. Happy that its now much easier for me not to have to change diapers anymore. Taking them to the toilet to wee wee is much easier and cheaper too.

The reward system has worked out very well. My girl is happy to stick the stickers on her calander and countdown the days till her reward, a toy she picked out for herself. She is also happy and feels a sense of achievement and pride. It helps promote a positive feeling overall and better self esteem as well. I have a feeling she will love that toy she has worked so hard towards getting the most of all.

Now we're also using the reward system to get her to wear her own shoes and its worked out very well too. Reward is certainly much better than punishment and yields better results.

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