Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Night Toilet Training Progress

Today is the fourth consecutive day the bed has stayed dry in the morning. A fourth day of continuous success with no breaks in between. Success means waking up once in the middle of the night or early morning to get my girl to pee. At least thats much better then waking up to clean wet clothes, bedsheets and blankets!

This gives her the positive feeling of achievement too instead of waking up to a another wet bed and failure. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the turning point to real success.

I remember waking up one night to wash wet clothes, wet bedsheets and blankets despite having the protective mat on as well as dealing with tears of unhappiness. And whats worse was I had to do it all over again that same morning! Boy! Was I frustrated. My husband took one look at my unhappy face and said "Maybe you should just put her back on the diapers since she's not ready and it makes you so unhappy." I believe, he says this because it annoys him to see my grumpy face first thing in the morning before he goes to work.

I said "I can't put her back on diapers because she initiated this. She was motivated enough to said she wanted to be off diapers now. So I cannot do it." "Then don't be so grumpy and unhappy over it" he says. Sure its easy for him to say that as well as suggest this and that. He's not the one doing it!!!! Ok. I'm done ranting. Please wish me success and good sleep throughout the following nights.

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  1. Some kids are easy, some are not. My DD was easy, my DS is not. I've had to sun dry his wet, smelly mattress twice this week. Don't know what's going on. He is just a heavy sleeper and can't feel the urge at night. He doesn't even feel the wetness. Sigh!

  2. lian,
    My girl is just like your DS and dunno why so much pee wan!

  3. My girl is easy, but i dunno bout my son yet *keep finger cross*!

    Do you incorporate these in your training? :

    1. Do not give water/milk near bedtime? If thirsty a sip or 2 only.

    2. Make sure she VV before going to bed.

    I personally do not encourage waking them up in the middle of the night to go toilet, cause I am afraid that it'll turn into a habit.

    I'll be double grumpy face, if have to do the clean up.

    Ya, I have a neighbour (kampung) the dd has to wear diaper to bed until 8-9 yo. At last managed to take away the diaper after the mom consulted a Chinese Sinseh...took some expensive herbal like tong chong chou..bla bla bla to strengthen blablabla...something like that. Wetting the bed is really not something the kid wants to...Just the controlling part is difficult. May you & dd be successful!

  4. annie,
    I make sure she goes to W just before sleeping but don't limit the milk intake. Waking up in the "middle of the night" to me is waking up at about 6.30am. Haha. So its not so bad lah but its true what you say hor, afterwards become habit then susah.


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