Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Me" Time

"Me Time"

I need to schedule some "me" time
It certainly is no crime
To claim a little time for me
Away from my family

I like to spend some time alone
Doing some things of my own
Whether its just reading or shopping
Blogging or even sleeping

I know as I write this rhyme
That I clearly need some "me" time
So I can rise above the routine
Of making sure my home is serene

I need some time to recharge
So that again I can take charge
Refreshed and raring to go
To do my labor of love

I love to be with the little one
Being with him is lots of fun
But sometimes he needs so much attention
Giving me lots of tension

I love to spend time with his older sis
She's sweet and loves to give me a kiss
But she can also throw a tantrum
All of me needs a break then even my eardrum

I love to pamper the man of the house
Afterall he is my spouse
With the chores done and the kids asleep
Then its couple time as we softly creep

I know its hard to find some time for me
But its something I have to do to be
Ready to give the best of "me"
So that we can be a happy "we"

I am sure that most mothers out there can relate to this rhyme of mine? *wink wink*

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  1. Echo! Echo!

    If I need "me" time, i hv to take a day off from work, and go shopping or have a nice meal alone! I just did it last week! :P

  2. Me time is when the children go to sleep. That is why I send them to bed early...:P

  3. a&a'smom6:15 PM, July 12, 2006

    So true! Hey u r really talented in writting rhymeslah. Why dont u start writting kids rhyme books during your me time?

  4. Me time is good, and it always makes me feel better after having it, and more energetic and happy being with my kids again. But I sure with I can have some couple time :)

  5. My "me" time is pretend to work while blog-hopping. Oops..better get back to work. LOL!

  6. Jesslyn,
    Sounds good. I'm sure you had a great time eh ;)

    Mine is either when they go to bed or before they wake up.

    Well, if you know of any children's book publishers who are looking for freelance writers, you know who to contact. Hehe.

    To have more couple time, you'd probably have to sacrifice some "me" time then. :)

    lol! Yes, you better!

  7. I can relate to Vien..heh heh...Gonna have my 'Me' time tomorrow at Pre-Sale. Yeah!

  8. immomsdaughter,
    Enjoy yourself then. :)

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