Thursday, July 06, 2006

Elective Caesarean Under Epidural Anaesthesia

My husband had earlier told me that he might not accompany me into the operation room as he was concerned that he may faint when he sees blood. I told him that it was ok as I will be well taken care of by the doctors and nurses in attendance.

He had a last minute change of mind and decided to go in with me afterall. As I was prepared for the epidural, he was also prepared to enter the operation room by donning special attire. I was a little afraid when they administered the epidural, worrying about all the things that could go wrong. (after hearing and reading some epidural experiences which went wrong). My overactive imagination was working overtime.

When I was ready, they prodded me and asked if I felt anything. Nope. I didn't. It was a weird sensation to have my legs being lifted about without my knowledge. "Hey! Thats my legs up there" I thought as they lifted me onto the operation table.

Soon the operation began. I was aware throughout but I didn't feel any pain. Only pulling and tugging sensations. My husband, who had earlier informed me that he was too weak hearted to watch, started walking around the room chatting with the doctors. He even peered into my insides! "Now, he knows me inside out!" I thought.

The operating lights looked new and polished and if I looked hard enough I could see the reflection of a little of what was going on even though they covered the lower part of my body so that I could not see. I peeked a little.

My doctor and the anesthetist were discussing about the traffic jam conditions and which new roads they could try out for going to work! "Oh shut up and concentrate on your task. Don't leave a cotton ball or tool inside me by mistake" I wanted to tell them.

"He's very big and he's stuck. Help me pull." said my doctor to the nurses. Even the anesthetist wanted to get into the action to help pull baby out. I could feel them pulling and tugging, pulling and tugging. "Look! He is nice and stuck and so difficult to take out even from this side and you wanted to try a vaginal birth." joked my doctor.

They kept on tugging and finally "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH". It was the loudest cry I ever heard. My baby had loud and powerful vocals and I loved it! Then they cleaned baby up a bit, put him near my chest, asked me to look at him and told me "Its a boy!" for confirmation. I guess a caesarean under epidural is the closest to natural birth as you can have it since you are aware and awake when baby is delivered. Previously under general anesthesia, I could not experince this wonderful moment.

Soon after that my husband accompanied the baby out while the doctor finished up the rest of the task of removing the placenta and stitching me up. Compared to the first, the second delivery was "more enjoyable".

I had wanted to try for a VBAC and it turned out differently yet again. Still, I'm always of the opinion that the birthing experience is irrelevant. A healthy baby is all that matters.

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  1. I can imagine myself being awake for an operation. But I love to hear what the doctors are discussing while operating.

  2. Haha. Yes, its quite amusing, really!

  3. MG, I really have to salute to your great courage.

    I simply can't imagine myself being cut up(even after I opted for a c-sec due to emergency), not to mention while I'm fully conscious.

    Plus the stories I've heard regarding a friend who could feel some sharp pain in abdomen during c-sec, even epidural was used... Ouch! Goodness.

    You're sure one tough woman.

  4. Luckily I only heard about the horror story of a relative who felt a terrible pain during her epidural c-section only AFTER I had mine! ;)


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