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The Best Disney Love Songs

Disney Love Songs Are Romantic Especially The Duets. This Post Picks The Best Of Disney Love Songs For Your Enjoyment.

Disney Love Songs - You just have to love them!

If you like sentimental duets, broadway music and romantic ballads, then look no further than Disney. Yes, Disney! Disney churns out romantic love songs live a music machine. The following Disney music are those that I love, in no particular order because I love them all. I hope you enjoy them too.

I won't be giving technical details like who sang what song and who composed the songs in which year because this page is meant for my little ones to listen, watch and enjoy all the love songs from Disney.

Photo Credit: Disney's Greatest Love Songs

#1 - If You Can Dream featuring various Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses Love Song. Many Disney princesses are featured in this song. Clips of each different princess featured is included in the song. Cute. If you like to sing along, here are the lyrics for If You Can Dream (Disney Princesses).

#2. Part of Your World from the Little Mermaid

Ariel from the Little Mermaid singing about her longing to become human to love her Prince. Sing along with the lyrics from Part of Your World (Ariel)

#3 - A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes from Cinderella

Here is Cinderella singing about the Prince in her dreams. This song is sure to make all girls start dreaming about their own Prince. :) If you like to sing along, here are the lyrics for A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes from Cinderella

I Love Disney!

I Love Disney Classic. They are great for watching with the kids. I get to enjoy the music too.

#4 - Once Upon A Dream from Sleeping Beauty

This Disney love Ballad has got Sleeping Beauty singing and dancing with the woodland animals and later her Prince. Here is the lyrics for Once Upon A Dreamas performed by Emily Osment.

#5 - Beauty and the Beast

Sung by Mrs Potts, one of the enchanted teapots in the castle where the Beast lives, I prefer this version by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson. Here are the lyrics for Beauty and The Beast.

#6 - Some day my prince will come from Snow White

Though I loved this love song from Snow White, I didn't like the original version sung by the Snow White in the cartoon, I definitely prefer this Barbara Streisand version. It is beautiful. Here are the lyrics for Some day my prince will come from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.

Disney Duets are terrific!

There are many lovely romantic duets from Disney cartoons.

#7 - If I Never Knew You - Pochahontas

A beautiful romantic Disney Duet from the movie Pochahontas. I just love duets! I never thought that love would be so beautiful.... somehow it makes the whole world right..... Truly romantic. Disney Pochahontas If I never knew You lyrics is here.

#8 - A Whole New World from Aladdin

I can show you the world... now who doesn't know this wonderful love song from Aladdin? Yet another lovely duet from Disney. Did I say Disney is a Love Music Machine? Well, make that a Love Duet Music Machine. :) You can sing along with Aladdin and Jasmine by following the lyrics for A Whole New World

#9 - Can You Feel The Love Tonight from the Lion King

I remembered I cried very hard during this show and I cried all over again when watching it with my kids. :) Sung by Elton John, this Disney love song is very touching. Here are the lyrics for Elton John's Can You Feel The Love Tonight from the Lion King movie.

Disney is for the young and the old

I make it a point to buy old Disney dvds to watch with my kids. I think Disney makes great family movies.

#10 - Reflection from Mulan

This Disney love song is about self love the greatest love of all. You must learn to love yourself first before you can love others. If you like to sing along, here are thelyrics for Disney Mulan's Reflection as sung my Christina Aguilera

#11 - I Won't Say I'm In Love from Hercules

This Disney love song is sung by Meg from Hercules is catchy and fun and has got nice background vocals. Sing along with Meg and the Muses from Hercules by following the lyrics for I Won't Say I'm In Love.

Sing-A-Long with Disney Love Songs

It is fun to sing-a-long with Disney Love Songs

#12 - Colors of the Wind from Pochahontas

Yet another beautiful Disney Love Song from the movie Pochahontas, by Vanessa Williams. Such strong and lovely vocals. Here are the Pochahontas Colors of the Wind lyrics.

# 13 - Bella Notte from The Lady and The Tramp

This is so cute. The Lady and The Tramp dining under the stars and being serenaded with this beautiful love song. I want to dine like that too! Sing along with  Bella Notte Lyrics from The Lady and The Tramp.

Have a fairy tale wedding with Disney Romantic Music

Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings

You can have a Fairy Tale wedding with these Romantic Wedding Music from Disney with unforgettable and beautiful instrumentals from Disney Classic Love Songs.

Happy Listening.

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