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Online games for Toddlers

Toddlers can play online games too. This post shows you some parent approved sites for toddlers to play games online.

Toddlers and Computers

Is a toddler too young to use a computer? I don't think so. Not with proper GUIDANCE. The keyword here is guidance. With proper parental guidance, toddlers can use, play, have fun and learn using the computer. They can also learn hand-eye coordination from online toddler games.

Here are a list of sites with suitable online toddler games my kids used to enjoy.

Online Toddler Educational games

Did you know that Fisher Price has a dedicated page for Online Toddler Educational Games.

Apart from Toddler Games you can find Infant Games and Preschool Games too.

Remember, for young children playing games online, it is advisable that parents and guardians sit and play with them. Your child can get the best benefit that way while having fun with you!

Up To Ten Games for Kids

The site lists the games for kids aged 6 to 10. However, I find some of the kids easy enough for younger children. Here is the index to the free kids games on Up To Ten Games Galore. There is a great number of games here and new games are added every month. The games are categorized according to labels such as "Coordination Games", "Racing Games", "Puzzles" and "Mixed Bag".

Everybody Loves Elmo!

My kids learned the alphabet playing around with Elmo's Keyboard-O-Rama. They also enjoyed Magical Numbers with Mumford the Magician, creating a beautiful garden while playing Snuffy's Magic Garden and dancing along with Zoe while playing Zoe's Dance Moves.

Besides these, there are many more toddler suitable games on Sesame Street which teaches a toddler all about numbers, shapes, familiar songs, potty training, feelings, health and safety and much more. Excellent site for toddlers. The games are organised alphabetically, according to subject matter as well as themes or favourite Sesame Street character for easy searching.

PBS Kids Character Games

PBS Kids has many wonderful characters which toddler loves. This link leads you to the Find It or Search box for PBS Kids. Children or parents can easily browse for kids favourite PBS Kids Characters by clicking on a picture of the character. You can choose from Angelina Ballerina, The Cat in the Hat (in association with Dr Seuss, Mr Roger's Neighbourhood, Make Way for Noddy, Jay Jay the Jet Plane and much more.

You can also search games by topics if you prefer. The icons are very easy for kids or parents to navigate about.

My kids' favourites are Barney and Friends and Clifford the Big Red Dog which I will give special attention to below.

Play Barney Games

Barney and Friends. My kids love them. They learned to pick up their toys and brush their teeth, learned to say their please and thank yous, as well as learned about their feelings and manners and many more with Barney the good old purple Dinosaur.

This link takes you to the Barney's Games Index however the site is not limited to games. Toddlers can also enjoy storytime, songs and color with Barney.

Barney fans will enjoy this: Barney: Learning Pack (Six-Disc Set)

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Emily Elizabeth loved Clifford, her Big Red Dog and so did my kids. Here is the index to all Clifford the Big Red Dog games. Of course you can also play with Cleo and T-Bone Games as well as other Clifford the Big Red Dog characters.

My kids particularly enjoyed Clifford's Kisses and Which Clifford.

Clifford's fans will enjoy Clifford's Really Big Movie

BBC - CBeeBies Character Games

I have mentioned this site for my Educational Sites for Children Lens which include many sites for older children. However, for younger children, I would certainly recommend these BBC Character online games.

1. Bob The Builder Games
2. Teletubbies Games
3. Number Jack's Games
4. Postman Pat Games
5. Pingu Games


Games for preschoolers, toddlers and babies

Yes, even babies will be attracted to this free online games for babies, toddlers and preschoolers site. This site is just nice for children just learning to use a computer mouse. They will get plenty of practise navigating the mouse around the colorful and attractive site with funny characters, simple games, music and stories.

It is simple, colorful and funny. Just right for babies, accompanied by adults. It is simple enough for a child to navigate on their own too.

I hope your toddler enjoys these games as mine did. Thank you for visiting.

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