Wednesday, April 19, 2017

First Class Transportation in Chicago

At one time, limousine service was considered the transportation province of the super wealthy or reserved for weddings. But today, more businesses and individuals are utilizing the convenience, prestige and comfort provided by a limo service. And many of those inquiring about a premier Chicago limousine service discover the cost to be within their budget.

At one time a limo was a “stretched” or elongated Cadillac or Lincoln that could service four to five people. Though many limos are still designed in this fashion, luxury SUV are also customized into a limo. Because they are higher off the road, ingress and egress is easier and more comfortable. In addition, some of the SUV limos are radically lengthened and can accommodate 10 or more riders.

For corporate business, many companies are finding the advantages of retaining a limo service. First, having a car service on call 24/7 provides a great convenience to the company.  Whether it is for a corporate executive needing to attend an important meeting across town, a client needing to be picked up from the airport, a quality limo service can have a vehicle available on short notice.

When other potential expenses are added in, such as fuel, tolls and parking, the limo service becomes more affordable, because these costs are covered by the service. If a company considers its own vehicle, the costs of purchasing and maintaining the vehicle and the salary of a standby driver, the cost of a service is often more economical.

There is of course the prestige of being transported in first class accommodations. But when entertaining a client, the more important message being sent is that the company is treating the client as special and important to the company.

Outside of the corporate world, many are discovering the advantages of limo rental for a group night out, whether it is a man’s night or a girl’s night out. Usually a group of 5-10 people will pool their funds to rent a limo for an evening, to attend a sporting event or a concert. When the fees are divided between 5-10 people, the cost is much more affordable.

With a limo service, there is no need for several vehicles and the group can travel together, enjoying each other’s company without the worry of traffic or parking. If alcohol is involved in the event, the limo service provides a safety factor, eliminating the need for a designated driver or worrying that one of the group might be driving impaired.

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