Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Open MRI Machines Add Comfort To A Traditional Procedure

There are many people who have a fear of going through an MRI, and thought of laying inside the enclosed space is enough to cause a wave of panic. It may even cause patients to put off scheduling a procedure that is important to their health. To help calm those fears, many hospitals are turning to open MRI machines for their patients.

Open Space: The worst part of an MRI for a patient is that feeling of being closed in. The open MRI machine gives patients who experience mild to severe claustrophobia a peace of mind. Patients will not feel as if they are trapped between the walls of a traditional MRI machine. Doctors may also recommend an open MRI for patients who need additional supervision during the procedure.

Laying Comfortably: Patients have the opportunity to lay comfortably with an open MRI. The table features soft cushions to add a little comfort to the experience. It is easier accommodate different body sizes with the open space around the patient. Patients are physically and mentally comfortable throughout the process.

Patients Are Monitored: Patients do not have to go through the procedure alone just because it is an open MRI. The staff still monitors the patient to ensure everything is going smoothly. A technician stays connected with patients using a speaker system, which is a great reminder that they are not alone. The staff will use the speaker system to send updates and encouragement to their patient.

Receive Accurate Results: The doctor does not have to sacrifice accurate results for comfort with an open MRI. The open space makes it easy to scan patients of various body types. The machine takes high quality images of the body so doctors can make an accurate diagnosis. Patients can usually find out the results within a few hours or days of the procedure.

Patients do not have to put off scheduling an MRI with their doctor. The open machine allows them to go through the procedure without feeling confined to a small space. This gives them a peace of mind before and during the procedure. Doctors do not have to worry about sacrificing accurate results with an open MRI. The machine produces high quality images that allow them make an accurate diagnosis. Open MRI machines create a positive experience for both the patients and their doctors.

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