Tuesday, September 30, 2014

5 Cute Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Mothers

When you're pregnant, you find it hard to find suitable outfits and that includes Halloween Costumes. However, here are 5 Cute Halloween Costumes just for pregnant mothers. Whether you are a new mother to be trying to show off your bump or bun in the oven or you just want to find something that covers that lovely pregnant tummy, here are 5 Halloween Costumes you want to be seen in not hide away in.

1. The Bun in The Oven Costume

- This Bun in The Oven Costume is just right for new mums to show off their new bun in the oven. This might well be the best way you can announce your new pregnancy.

If you have not already told the world that you are pregnant, this costume is the best way to surprise everyone.

Guess who's going as The Bun Maker chef...

2. The Maternity Fairy Costume 

- Fairies need not be skinny little beings. Think Fairy Godmother to Cinderella.

A Fairy can be a mother image too. Pregnant mothers can join in the fun with this Mother To Be Maternity Fairy Costume that comes with wings and pretty head gear. If you have a daughter at home, then you can both dress up as fairies.

3. The Mommy To Be Pirate Queen Costume

- If comfort is what you prefer, then you can go for this Mommy To Be Pirate Queen Costume for pregnant mothers.

Pants will certainly be more comfortable. You can persuade the man to dress up as Pirate King so you can both complement each other.

4. The Mommy To Be Halloween Witch Costume

- Black is a slimming color so go black this Mommy To Be Halloween Witch Costume is specifically for pregnant ladies. I like the black netting with Jewel accents.

The best part is the matching hat is included in the assemble. Sometimes costume don't come with the accessories and you have to go hunting for props to help you look the part.

5. Pregnant Soccer Mom Adult Costume

This Pregnant Soccer Mom Costume comes with a padding to make the soccer ball look rounder but then hey there, pregnant ladies have a naturally round belly that will make this outfit look just right.

You can wear your own regular sneakers or sports shoes for that sporty yet comfy look.

With these 5 Cute Halloween Costumes, all pregnant mothers can join in the fun during Halloween instead of dressing in their usual Maternity Wear.

Happy Halloween!

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