Friday, February 28, 2014

Easy To Love

Easy To Love

My son is one little boy who is really easy to love. He is always full of smiles, cheerful, jolly, cuddly, affectionate, caring and  he loves helping around the house. He likes to help both mum and dad whether it is helping in the kitchen, helping to do chores, helping to fix a cupboard or shelf or giving dad a massage. He is dad's little contractor and mum's little helper.

When his sister injured her ankle recently, he was there to help her remove her shoes and socks because it hurt her to do so. He is always telling jokes and making funny remarks too. So much so, that when you see him, you can't help but smile. Even when I am grumpy and moody, one remark or hug from him will instantly make me smile or laugh aloud and turn my mood around.

Thinking about him and how easy it is to love him, makes me realize that I've got a lot to learn from this little boy. Am I easy to love? I think not. I am always angry, frowning, rushing, in a hurry, grumpy, you name it. Sometimes I speak in harsh tones and my frown is always around. I don't smile often enough nor do I speak in a gentle manner to my children or spouse.

My new resolution (who says you can't make a new resolution in Feb/March?) is to make myself more easy to love.

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