Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cost of Dental Visits

I have 8 dental crowns and recently while biting into a mushroom, I needed to get one of them replaced. The dentist discovered that there was another tooth which had gone bad and needed a new crown. That makes it a grand total of 9 crowns altogether. Ouch! That is, ouch on my pocket!

I had my dental crowns fixed years ago, around 15 to 20 years ago. At the time, I had very bad yellowing teeth. One day, I was sick and when I went to see a medical doctor, he said this to me when he shone the torch to see my throat. "Young lady, I think you should do something about your teeth." I went home feeling very depressed but that did it.

I went to visit the dentist and had my 8 crowns fixed right across my top front teeth. The dentist said that my teeth had that yellow discolored look probably because of some medication my mom took when she was pregnant that may have affected it.

Anyway that was that and I could smile with my mouth wide open after that instead of looking as though I was trying to hide some secret when I smiled. I take my children to the dentist regularly now. It did cost me quite a lot at the time. I'm sure it would cost even more if I were to do it now. I find that dentist visits cost us quite a bit. I wish that we have dental plans here. Dental plans are different from dental insurance. In a dental plan you can make an appointment with any participating dentist and enjoy on-the-spot discounts.

I would probably take advantage of a family dental plan rather than individual dental insurance to save on our annual checkups, cleanings, fillings and others. Hopefully, I won't need any more crowns.

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