Thursday, January 05, 2012

Old Fashioned Wife

Once upon a time there was an old fashioned wife who had an old fashioned spouse who likes his wife to be a SAHM who looks after the kids, is there to greet them from school, feed them, teach them, nurture them and then be there to greet the spouse to feed him and nurture him. Well, something like that.

He got the SAHM part of the bargain and the teach them and nurture them part thrown in. However, since they’ve got a helper at home, his spouse has abandoned housework and cooking! He likes the clean house with the helper’s assistance, much better than when his wife was looking after it. His bookshelves were covered with dust them and his wife often gave the excuse that she has this motto….

“It is better to have a home filled with dust and love then a cold spick and span house.”

Yeah, she made up that household saying all by herself.

A few months after the helper came in and as the helper became better and better with the wife’s guide of course, she slowly let go of the tasks one by one, cleaning the toilets, moping the floor, ironing his shirts, cooking the dinner.

Old Fashioned Man said nothing but in his heart he wanted his wife to cook for him, personally, herself. He also wanted her to iron his shirts and mend his buttons herself but she never did any of those things anymore. She only cooked him instant noodles during the weekends when the helper was busy washing the car.

Well, the thing is old fashioned wife doesn’t really like to cook. To her cooking is just another household task. She does not look at that task with love. If somebody else can do it just as well as her and free her up to spend more time teaching the kids, then why not?

But then …. uh oh…. old fashioned wife forgot that she has an even more old fashioned spouse. So her New Year’s resolution is to spend more time cooking up home cooked meals herself, personally but she still won’t do the ironing, I’m afraid.

Perhaps some kind soul would like to share some simple home cooked recipes with old fashioned wife? She will be so grateful… or rather her spouse would be so grateful. Be right back

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  1. hehehe so the saying is true...making him happy by feeding him ..

    Happy new year to you. U r a great wife/spouse/mother.

  2. Ahhh... at least u stil cook instant noodles for him. All I ever do nowadays is jes to heat up food for mine. hahaha
    Happy New Year to u and ur family, MG!

  3. I too hate cooking & my helper has been doing it for the past 8 yrs. I only cook maybe once amonth when she goes cuti which I make lasagna & pizza. I too just like you spend more time coaching my boys.

  4. Hahah..this is a funny post and yet it is truly happening in nearly every household. What is the helper for then? lol. I would love to share some simple home cooked recipes but then again I don't like cooking too. hehe.

  5. LittleLamb,
    Sounds like its true then the "feeding him" part. Sounds easy enough. Haha.

    My cousin's spouse used to complain that she conned him into buying the latest most modern microwave oven... only to heat up 'pau' for him. We're all the same.

    Oh, you should share your pizza and lazagna recipes. I only know how to boil spaghetti and open up a can of source and throw in a few things. :P

    Same same huh...


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