Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Wonder Of A Child

My boy is 7. He is still at that age where everything is a discovery to him, a wonderful discovery. In watching him, I am constantly reminded of how wonderful it is to be a child. At the same time, I smile whenever I see in him The Wonder of Being A Child. For example...

We switch off all the lights, crawl under the comforter and look at his Glow In The Dark Stickers. He is looking at the stickers and he goes "Wow! Mummy, I like this one best." etc. To me, the image of his face glowing in wonder as he admires his stickers is more beautiful than all the Glow In The Dark Stickers in the world.

He sits on the throne and happily counts each toilet paper segment. Even toilet paper can bring excitement to a child. Imagine that. How wonderful it is to be a child and to have a child's simplicity. When I see him, I can't help but smile and remember that we should be thankful and happy about the simple things in life.

I remember we went to watch X-Men and there was a scene when Xavier manages to get Magneto to turn a Satelite Dish. Caught up in the moment, my boy forgot he was in the cinema and exclaimed "Wow! He can really do that!" or something to that effect in a rather loud voice which brought laughter to the cinema patrons. No one shushed him or got annoyed. His surprised amazement and wonder was so obvious it brought instant laughter. He was so amazed and his voice was so full of wonder. That is the wonder of a child.
There are so many more instances like this but I forget because I did not write them down. I really should record them down more often for he is only going to be this small once. 

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