Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Time for Year End Health Checks

Its the end of the year again. That means it is time for our annual health checks. The whole family needs a visit to the dentist. I have to go for my pap smear and other blood tests etc. I have two cysts which needs to be monitored annually, 6 monthly actually, but I often delay it till the very last moment.

When you're feeling healthy, quite often we don't think about health checks or even things like Medicare Supplement Insurance. We take our health for granted most of the time. Quite often I skip the tests too because they take time. I hate to wait for medical test results too, always imagining the worst!

Speaking of Medicare Supplemental Insurance, those living in California and over the age of 65 should be happy to know that they have health insurance plans formulated for them. That is nice to know.

Sometimes it is hard to take up insurance when you are older. It would seem as though the insurance companies only target the young and healthy but that is not the case in California.

Whatever it is, healthcare and insurance planning should be done at whatever age. We should not ignore it.

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