Thursday, December 09, 2010

Multiple Roles

I have been playing the role of mother and wife in recent years. They became my primary role.

However, now that father is in hospital, I find that I have to juggle my role with more care now. My father needs me now, more than ever and so do my sisters who need my moral support as I need theirs. So now, my role as a daughter and sister has been pushed to the forefront now too. So I have to do a juggling act. Fortunately, since I am a SAHM, I don't have to carry out the role of an employee as well.

It is not easy to do a juggling act. One must be able to switch between roles easily. One must find the time and energy to give of oneself fully when carrying out each role. Each role is as important as the other. You must think of the others even when carrying out the role of one. You cannot carry out just one role and shut all the others out. Each one cries out for your immediate and full attention and love.

Though one may have the capacity to love many, one has only that many hours in a day and other limitations. It is not easy being a woman, especially during times when everyone needs you just as much.

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