Thursday, November 18, 2010

One to One Time

I think it is important sometimes to spend one to one time with each child we have. Hopefully that will reduce sibling rivalry and make each child feel special and important. Everyone wants a piece of mummy, whether it is a hug or attention. So during one to one time it is important to give all the attention and hugs and child craves for.

This holidays, the girl has an early holiday whereas the boy's holidays will start later since he wants to attend some school holiday program with his kindergarten friends. The boy is not unhappy that his school holidays is starting later. He is delighted to go to school to play with his friends and enjoy the various parties the school has organised.

The girl is happy to have an early start to her school holidays. I am sure she is also looking forward to having some one to one time with mummy. I wonder what we shall do. For starters, today, she wants me to sit and draw and colour a space picture with her. :)

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