Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What type of mom are you?

Its funny how many types of moms we have these days. In the old days, we have just mothers.

Now, we have FTWM (that translates to Full Time Working Mom in case you didn't know). Then we have SAHM (Stay At Home Moms. Its just a nicer way to call a housewife) and we have the in betweens which is the WAHM (the Work At Home Mom).

So, what type of mom are you?

I am a SAHM... but I really would like to be a CCHM (Calm Cool Hip Mom) or a RREM (Really Relaxed Easy-Going Mom). I don't think there's any RREM moms out there. Its also almost impossible to be a CCHM.

Most of the time I am a CSWM (Cannot Stop Worrying Mom) I'm also good at being a GNIM (Grumpy Naggy Impatient Mom). I strive to be a LCGM (Loving Caring Giving Mom). I hope I can be an EFRM (Enthusiastic Fun Resourceful Mom) . However, quite often I find that I am an IRDM (Irritable Rushed Demanding Mom). I am also the AFDM (Absent-minded Forgetful Disorganised Mom) though I would really like to be the SDIM (Smart Dependable Interesting Mom).

Hmmm..... I guess at the end of the day, I am just a MOM. The title is not important.

Like all mothers, all I want is the best for my children and in striving for the best for my children, I hope that I can find the best in me and give the best of myself.

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  1. I am WTIM..(Wicked Terrible Insensible MOM).... i always feel guilty for not spending enough time with Philip

  2. Little Lamb,
    We are all AFGM (Always Feeling Guilty Moms).

  3. hahahah....a good one MG. I like to be a CCHM but i think i'm more like a CSWM. Oh, I'm also a HM (helicopter mom) ...hahahaha

  4. i'm a lost mom! hahahahhaa.. :P

  5. mommy to chumsy,
    I forgot to add that I am also a SALM (Shout A Lot Mom). I think that CSWM and HMs like us are also SALM by default. Hahaha.

    "Lost Mom!" lol.
    You've cleverly summed up in two words what I've been trying to say in a whole post. Haha.

  6. Are u having too much of Mr Men & Little Miss?? hahaha.

  7. What a GREAT question and it makes you think! I am an IRDM, hate to admit it but now I am going to try not to be. Thanks, I really like your blog, Ladybird

  8. Annie,
    Haha. Yes, how did you know? lol.

    Hi Ladybird33,
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

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  10. I guess at least we are all grateful and thankful to be a mother. :)

    But, looking at your writing, you seems to be a EFRM to me. Hehe......

  11. I think once we become mother, we used to reflect back what we did to our child as their action reflect who we are. That's why we become more and more self-conscious. Unlike in those days, we can just brush off by saying 'that's just me...'


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