Thursday, November 05, 2009

What have you done for yourself lately?

Mothers, what have you done for yourself lately?

Mothers have a very important role in the family. They can't break down! Not even when they are sick. They still need to go on. Nurturing, Teaching, Loving and doing all those other ordinary everyday stuff like feeding, bathing, etc or those not so everyday stuff like cleaning up poo and vomit etc.

No, mothers cannot afford to fall sick.

However, in order to look after others, you must look after yourself first. You must take care of your health, your physical as well as mental well being. You just have to. You have to take care of yourself so that you don't feel the pressures of just being a mother.

What have you done for yourself lately? I'm afraid I haven't done anything much for myself lately. I haven't bought anything for myself, spent time just for myself doing things I like etc. When this happens, I sometimes reach "breaking point" and want to yell out to everyone ie the spouse and the kids "Everyone! Give me a break!"

So, before I do that, I better give myself a break first. :) Lets see... what shall I do.... Hmmm..... hmm..... I'm so used to doing things for others that I've forgotten how to give myself a little treat every now and then. It feels so strange to be doing things for myself. Boy oh boy. I really do need a break. lol.

Pssstt... these days with the kids in school, I have got my mornings back to blog and play the piano and just enjoy my own company without interruption or distraction. I guess thats also part of doing things for myself yah.

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  1. Tell ME about it. I've not been anywhere without Ethan since he was born. Only when I'm showering, itu pun five minutes max! :)

  2. Merryn,
    Pangsai also no time rite? ;)

  3. I seriously need a BIG break. These days, even when I poo and bathe, Baby is inside the bathroom with me. I even jog with her on some mornings coz she doesn't want daddy in the morning. When I am sick and hv high fever, I hv no MC. I shiver in cold and work like a slave. Boo hoo hoo.... but nvm, as long as the kids are happy, I am happy :)


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