Friday, October 31, 2008

Another tooth out

About 2 weeks ago, another one of my girl's bottom teeth was loose. It had become very lose during her kindy concert but she was ok with it. We shook it and I asked her "When do you think this one will fall out?"

She usually can predict it by telling me "I think this will fall out tomorrow night" etc. lol. Later that day while she was having her bath, I noticed that the tooth was missing. Worried that she may have accidentally swallowed it, I asked her what had happened to her tooth.

She then told me "Oh, it must have been that dirty thing, I kicked into the drain. I thought there was something dirty on the floor so I kicked it into the drain. It must have been my tooth." Hahaha.

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  1. Can eat more more food..

    Btw, got an award for u:

  2. haha luckilyt she never say oh i tot its popcorn and swallow it

  3. LOL! better in the drain than in the tummy!

  4. little prince's mummy,
    Thanks for the award.

    She scared mommy scold mah. Never pick up food from the floor to eat. Hehe.

    Haha. Yes, indeed!

  5. aw, isn't she a doll! My daughter is about to lose her first tooth! I am ever so excited shes alittle bit scared but she was excited after i explained what happens.

    Before i explained it she said "But mommy i don't want to be toothless" haha congratulations on your childs teeth!



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