Monday, August 20, 2007

Tears, Fears, Fights and Interruptions

I feel so tired today.... from having to deal with more tears, fears, fights and interruptions. Its tiring dealing with this on a daily basis.

Everyday, I have to become a coach to teach and quell fears and frustrations. Then I have to become referree to stop the fights (between siblings). I have to deal with tears of losing, fears and frustrations. At times I have to be the cheerleader, cheering them on. Then I become the spectator to applaud and give them encouragement and then the best part of it all is I have to deal with interruptions from the very same little people that I am trying to coach, be a referree to as well as the cheering spectator to.

Its so, so tiring I tell you. Its tiring to switch back and forth all day long in all these roles. I think I need some coaching myself and a little cheering on too.


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  1. You are not alone.
    Someday I just wish to cover my ears and shout "STOP THAT CRY!!"

  2. montessorimum,
    Shake hands and shakes head.

  3. * Doing a cheer for u*
    Hip Hip Hurray for MG!! You are doing a great job!! :) Being a mommy is harder than any job,ya? Even though I only have 1, somedays I just want run away from the crying & whining!


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